Top 5 signs you need a new career

Is your career turning you into a depressed, frustrated, stressed-out employee? On Sunday night, do you dread heading back to work the next day? Listen to the signs your body is giving you and take back control of your happiness. Check out our top five signs you need a new career.

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You’re underemployed

Are you underemployed? According to Sunny K. Lurie, PhD, CEO and founder of Fast Focus Careers, there are six ways to find out. Do any of these signs sound familiar?

  • You typically don’t enjoy your work.
  • You are over-skilled and not working up to your full potential.
  • You don’t regularly use your strengths or talents in your work.
  • You often lack energy and enthusiasm for your work.
  • You feel your work is not particularly interesting or meaningful.
  • Most days you’d rather be doing something else.

If several of these signs ring a bell, then it may be time for you to find a new career. We all have our bad days, but if you’re struggling with these issues on a daily basis, it’s time to make a change. Check out this article to help you evaluate if this job is right for you.

2You’re stuck in a negative environment

A negative work environment can have a direct impact on how you view your happiness in your career. “If you work in a negative workplace where the environment features fewer than three positive comments to one negative, you’re in what’s called a ‘languishing’ environment,’ and this is often an unsuccessful, uncreative and stifling place to work. It won’t bring out the best in you. A simple scorecard can help you make this choice,” said Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP, professional coach and author of Creating Your Best Life: The Ultimate Life List Guide.

3You feel lost

Do you find yourself daydreaming about what you haven’t done, or regretting not having started your own business yet? If your answer is yes, then Miller recommends you hire a coach to explore steps you can take to transition from one lifestyle to another without making any rash decisions.

4You’re bored

“One of the most important signs that you need a new career is lack of engagement or challenge in your work,” Miller said. “This is often signaled by boredom and never getting into a state of ‘flow,’ which typically means you aren’t using your strengths or being challenged.”

5Lack of inspiration

Lost that lovin’ feeling? Take it as a sign that you need a new career. Gabrielle Bernstein, speaker, life coach and author of Add More ~ing To Your Life, says that when you no longer feel inspired by your career, it’s time to reconnect with what you love. “When you feel that your career path isn’t serving you or others and the world, that’s another sign you’re ready for change,” she said.

If a majority of these signs apply to you and your work life, you may want to re-think the future of your career. Check out these tips when you’re ready to search for a new job. If you’re seeking more advice on this topic, read this article to help you make a wise career move.

Expert tipsDo you have a “positive energizer” in your workplace? According to professional coach Caroline Adams Miller, this type of person makes you feel capable, motivated and zestful. “Without a positive energizer in your workplace, you may not have the right ingredients to fulfill your own potential,” she said.

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