Homeschooling gift ideas

If you have a homeschooling family on your shopping list this holiday season, this is a great opportunity to shower them with gifts that they’ll love…and use! Of course, gift cards to educational stores, passes to museums and spa treatments for well-deserving moms are always appreciated, but there are plenty of other options for kids and moms alike.

For the kids



Many homeschooling families play a lot of board games, so it’s always nice to add to the collection. Homeschoolopoly ($35) is a board game specifically designed for homeschooling families in the tradition of the classic Monopoly game. The game begins at “Home Sweet Home” and focuses on places and experiences that are near and dear to a homeschooler’s heart.

2Electronic Snap CircuitsElectronic Snap Circuits

For the inquisitive child who loves to figure out how stuff works, the Electronic Snap Circuits set ($62) is the perfect gift. The 300 unique and functional projects encourage creativity, focus and motor skill development. Whether they want to be electrical engineers or are just curious, Electronic Snap Circuits will keep any child between the ages of six and 12 busy and entertained.

3VtechV-Tech Write and Learn Letter Book

The V-Tech Write and Learn Letter Book ($25) introduces phonics and handwriting to the preschooler. While it certainly doesn’t replace one-on-one interaction with a homeschooling parent, it does give an early learner some experience with letter recognition, interactive displays and basic pre-writing skills. This electronic book is particularly helpful for moms that also homeschool older children, as keeping the little ones occupied can be a challenge.

4Glee Chewing Gum KitGlee Gum Chewing Gum Kit

One of the advantages of homeschooling is that every experience is a learning opportunity, even chewing gum! This Chewing Gum Kit ($13) by Glee Gum teaches kids about the process of making their favorite chewy treat. The ingredients are all-natural and the process is easy. Complete the sweet tooth trifecta by giving them make-your-own chocolate and gummie candy kits too (also available on the Glee web site).

5Personalized stationaryPersonalized stationary from Queen bee

In the age of digital communication, hand-writing a letter is a bit of a lost art. Encourage your favorite homeschooler to do just that with personalized stationary. Queen Bee Paper Company has a wide range of creative options for kids, including this adorable princess motif ($14.50 for 12 cards).

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