Great gifts for her

She can be a mom, daughter, sister, aunt, fiance, friend or wife. No matter what the title of the women in your life, the right gift is one that is useful, thoughtful and appropriate for the personality of the woman you are giving it to. Holidays, birthdays or just because, check out some of our sure-fire winning gifts for her.

Woman with Christmas gift

Gift #1: Fragrance

Find a woman that doesn’t like to smell good and you’ll probably find a cavewoman. Nowadays, perfumes and body sprays are available at virtually every retailer. Find a great basket and add in some layering scents like body lotion and candles to round out the perfect aromatic gift.

Bling Cuff BraceletGift #2: Bling

It doesn’t have to be over the top bling-y, but something sparkly around the neck, hands or finger is always accepted with a smile! Chunky necklaces and matching bracelets (cuffs are hot now too) or baubles for the ears don’t have to be expensive and they can provide the perfect accessory for many outfits.

Gift #3: Culinary

Even if the woman you are buying for isn’t the Barefoot Contessa, cookbooks, fun aprons, cookware or kitchen gadgets come in so many different varieties that you probably don’t have to worry about her already having one.

DumbellsGift #4: Fitness

Remember the conversation you had with her about wanting to find some new and different way to stay in shape? Show her how well you paid attention by getting her a yoga mat, some colorful free weights, maybe even a membership to the local gym or sessions with a personal trainer.

Gift #5: Memories eternal

Picture frames are a great stand-by and come in a plethora of shapes, sizes and personalized messages. Take it one step further and do a little work for her (bonus gift alert!) by actually developing a picture of the two of you or one that you know she’ll appreciate.

Houndstooth HandbagGift #6: Luggage

Attaches, wallets, totes and purses are not gifts for the givers that are weak at heart. If you know your woman’s style and feel confident in giving her this personal gift – go for it! A woman can never have enough of a good thing! Add a little sparkly purse hook for good measure and you have now entered into the “coolest” friend category.

Gift #7: Bundle her up

Socks, pajamas and robes may be cliche, but they can actually be fun to give, and even more fun to receive. Snuggle her tootsies up in comfort and add a good book with some gourmet hot cocoa or coffee and you’ve got the perfect way of showing her she deserves some “me time.”

KindleGift #8: Electronics

For the she-geek of gadgets, an ebook reader or tablet computer may be just the ticket. Available in many retail locations, pick one that has the capacity to be used for what she would need it for, but not the capacity to break your bank.

Gift #9: Stationery

The perfect gift for a friend far away (giving her a hint that you’d like her to write) or for the sentimental lady in your life. From whimsical to bold and graphic, stationery is the gift that spans the relationship scale, from casual acquaintance to blood relative.

Gift #10: Accessories

The hot yellow crocodile belt, shimmer scarf, flower pin or sunglasses are accessories that are chic and scream style. This is the time to go for the gusto and pick the item that catches your eye, just as she did.

Gifts for her can be budget-friendly and still pack the same punch and arouse the same smile as if you’d delivered it to the driveway with a big red bow.

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