7 Super-strange Thanksgiving products

If the neighbor’s odd-smelling, slightly-purple casserole and your uncle’s toupee don’t bring enough excitement to the Thanksgiving meal, you’ll be glad you picked up one or more of these off-the-wall Thanksgiving gifts, gags… and even things to make you gag.

Strange Thanksgiving stuff

1. Thanksgiving gumballs

Cranberry gumballs – yum. Pumpkin pie gumballs – maybe. Turkey gumballs?! We don’t even want to know how that tastes. Find out more: Thanksgiving gumballs.

2. Turkey-shaped lollipop

This lollipop is a little creepy-looking but still cute – and isn’t actually turkey flavored, at least. Find out more: Thanksgiving turkey lollipop.

3. Inflatable turkey

Suitable for vegetarians or to serve as a beach ball, this inflatable turkey wins as one of the strangest Thanksgiving oddities we found! Find out more: Inflatable turkey for Thanksgiving.

4. Turkey jello mold

Technically, this jello mold was modeled on a game hen – but it looks like a little turkey. Combine orange, blue and green jello with some whipped topping to give it an oogy raw-meat look. Find out more: Thanksgiving turkey jello mold.

5. Tofurkey & Gravy soda

Every year, the Jones Soda Company releases a limited-edition soda set for the holidays, featuring flavors so strange, they could only be used as a gag gift. But even as a novelty-only product, it’s a pretty fun idea. Find out more: Thanksgiving Tofurkey & Gravy soda.

6. Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Tired of the longing puppy dog eyes watching you at the dinner table? You don’t have to leave Fido out of the celebration – even if you have a no table scraps rule. Merrick makes a Thanksgiving dinner fit for a dog (cat varieties available too), with bits of turkey, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans and apples all mushed into a pup chow. Find out more: Thanksgiving day dinner for dogs.

7. Pooping turkey candy dispenser

Here’s a toy that’s suitable for any time of year: A candy dispenser… with a twist. The directions offered are simple: “Simply press down on the buttocks of the miniature [turkey] replica and brown candy pellets plop out.” Find out more: Thanksgiving pooping turkey candy dispenser.

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