Family activities for Thanksgiving morning

It’s Thanksgiving morning and the entire family is gathered together. You and your spouse have the day off, Thanksgiving dinner is nearly complete and you’ve been looking forward to spending quality time with your family for weeks. Even though Thanksgiving is a busy day, you want to do fun Thanksgiving activities with your family that everyone will enjoy. But what should those activities be?

Here are a few Thanksgiving activities that will get your started!

1Kids dressed up for ThanksgivingI’m so thankful for – in art

Creating art is always fun. It can also be a great way to teach your children about the day and why it’s so important to be thankful. According to American tradition, the first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 at Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts after the colonists had their first successful harvest. They invited the Wampanoag, Native Americans and are said to have celebrated for three days.

For you and your family to show thanks in art, you’ll just need a few items: 

  1. Construction paper
  2. Washable paint
  3. Tacks or tape

Start off by having everyone think of something they’re grateful for. Next, lay sheets of construction paper on the kitchen or dining room table, then have your family draw a picture of what they’re thankful for. Once everyone has completed their painting, take turns explaining what your picture is about. Afterwards, tack or tape the pictures on your kitchen walls for the remainder of Thanksgiving morning.

2Make Thanksgiving morning breakfast together

It’ s time to get out the whisk, a few bowls for mixing and some measuring cups. Making breakfast as a family is another fun way to spend Thanksgiving morning. Plan the menu ahead of time with your kids, including items the colonists may have enjoyed on their first Thanksgiving, like corn (cornbread) and cranberries. Throw the diet book out the window for this Thanksgiving activity and focus on having fun creating a meal with the ones you love. Give each person a responsibility and go to work. For extra fun, find out everyone’s favorite fruit and serve it over the pancakes.

3Thanksgiving reenactment

Everybody loves to play dress-up, especially children. A great way to remember the historic significance of Thanksgiving, in a way that’s fun for kids, is to do a historic reenactment. To begin, read a Thanksgiving story with your children. Make sure the story is short and entertaining, so you’ll be able to keep them engaged. You can find a list of great children’s Thanksgiving books on when you search by: Pilgrim and Thanksgiving Books for Children.

Next, have your kids vote on their favorite scene from the book. The fun part comes next. Have everyone go to their room and make a costume from items in their closet. Once everyone is dressed, bring your scene to life. Make sure everyone feels free to ad lib and add props like bowls of food and vegetables. The important thing is to have fun on Thanksgiving morning.

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