Get in the Halloween mood with the Thriller video

Michael Jackson’s Thriller video is one of the most popular songs played on Halloween. Now it might be turned into a full-length zombie flick. Read on for the deets!

Michael Jackson's Thriller video

We can’t really get in the mood for Halloween without watching Michael Jackson’s Thriller video at least oh, a dozen times.

Admit it, you can’t either.

It’s hard to believe that the video was filmed in 1984 — 26 years ago! It’s still as popular as it was then, and it’s sure to be played in Halloween parties around the world this weekend.

Thriller: Zombie movie?

Thriller clocks in at over 10 minutes long, but it might be even longer if a film production company gets its way. GK Films is reportedly in negotiations to adapt the Thriller video into a full-length feature. A Hangover screenwriter is set to pen the script and original Thriller songwriter Rob Temperton is said to be involved. The budget? Somewhere around $50 million.

The late King of Pop’s estate is said to be ready to greenlight the project, which is rumored to revolve around actor Vincent (the crazy Thriller laugh guy) Price’s hometown. Interesting.

This is all rumor at this point, but hopefully it turns out to be real. Until then, we’ll just play the Thriller video and simulate the dance moves. We might look silly, but who doesn’t on Halloween? That’s kind of the point.

Watch Michael Jackson’s Thriller video!


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