Why are we wearing purple on Oct. 20?

People all over the country are wearing purple in honor of Spirit Day. What is Spirit Day and what does it have to do with sexual equality?

Spirit Day is Oct. 20

Have you walked outside today and wonder why in the world people are wearing so much purple?

No, everyone didn’t color-coordinate their outfits — they’re wearing purple to celebrate Spirit Day on Oct. 20.

A call to action

Spirit Day was created by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) as a response to the recent rash of gay hate crimes, cyberbullying and suicides of several gay youth. One victim, Tyler Clementi, jumped off the George Washington Bridge in September after his college roommate streamed video of the Rutgers student having sex in his dorm room.

Teenage activist Brittany McMillian created the idea for Spirit Day earlier this month to bring people together and show that “gay-bashing” and homophobia will no longer be tolerated by today’s youth. She also developed the day’s tagline – Everyone rally together.

Why purple?

Purple symbolizes the idea of spirit on the gay pride flag, according to GLAAD.

Some people are dressing in a full-on purple outfit. Others are decorating their Facebook and Twitter profiles with a purple background to show their solidarity. How you celebrate is up to you — the important thing is to show your spirit on Oct. 20!

How will you wear your purple on Spirit Day?


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