Summer heat tips

If you are lucky/misfortunate enough to be in the midst of a hot, hot summer, here are some summer heat tips on how to cool down. Remember: Horses sweat, men perspire but women gently glow 🙂

Woman drinking water

1. Surviving summer heat

Summer is when the sun comes out to play. The scorching sun will yell ‘Thou shall be grilled’ in your face but, being refined ladies, we shall prevail in finding (eco-friendly) ways to cool ourselves down in the summer heat.

Moving back from a cool temperate country to a tropical one (as I did) makes you want to hide in a refrigerator for the rest of your life. I must confess that even though I was born in a country that is hot and brutally humid, it is never a sweet joy trying to adapt back into this. So I’ve been trying to look for ways to keep cool and less agitated for this summer.

2. Water – Nature’s best friend for a hot summer

Keep yourself hydrated inside-out. Have a fan that blows mist, keep a spray bottle nearby, have regular showers and have lots of water or juices. Avoid alcoholic beverages because it interferes with body temperature. Also avoid caffeine beverages as it makes you loose more fluid.

3. Cool down those pulse points

Wet pulse points like neck or temples. Apparently it has same effect as having cold water sprinkled on your face. A cold towel on your neck could help cool off too.

5. Alcohol rubs for skin

Apply alcohol rubs on skin and stand under moving air and let it evaporate. The cool effect is almost instant and will keep you cool for awhile. Just remember to avoid mouth and eye contact with these rubs. Alternatively you could use facial toner that contains alcohol.

6. Cucumber up

Have strips of cucumber spread horizontally across your forehead. For those who enjoy masks, we could do more than just on the forehead.

7. Sweat it out

Choose to exercise during cooler times like early morning or late evening. Alternatively, try eating spicy food to sweat without raising body temperature. Sounds like a good way to detoxify.

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