When your kid gets the post-birthday party blues

Once a child’s birthday is over, whether the birthday itself was spectacular or just so-so, you may think, “Phew! It’s over! Now back to normal life!” While that is true to a certain extent, don’t be surprised if there’s some post birthday let-down in the days following your child’s birthday. Just like the let-down adults sometimes experience after a big event (such as a wedding), kids can experience post event let-down, too.

Post birthday blues

It may seem a little incongruous. After a successful and happy birthday, why would your child seem sad? While some parents may attribute this to other things (and other things may play a part) – such as the day not going exactly as expected or not getting the exact desired gift – it may be just simple emotional let-down after such a meaningful day.

Not uncommon

Event let-down is not an uncommon thing. Adults experience it, so why shouldn’t kids? With a lead up to an exciting event in which much feels different in terms of schedule, expectation, and so on, let down is about settling down again and getting back to the normal routine. Think about the lead up to – and settling down from the big winter holidays. It can be very similar.

A little understanding

When you are trying to get back to normal, too, your child’s sense of let-down may feel frustrating for you. You may think, “We had this wonderful party for him, and now he’s sad?” You may even feel it personally – but it’s not particularly personal.

Birthday are often such big things in a child’s mind. They are so fun, but they only happen once a year. There is much importance attached to them, and patience waiting for the next one may be diffucult to muster, especially if this birthday has been very good. A little understanding of what your child is experiencing, a little communication about that, may speed the the getting through it.

Get back to normal

When the birthday is over, getting back to the normal expected routine can help all of you feel normal again. Once new gifts are put away and thank you notes written, there will be comfort in the every day. Stay calm, stay even, and know that you’ll all feel normal again very soon…and then you can start thinking about next year’s birthday celebrations.?


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