5 Fun things to do with Dad for Father’s Day

When you were a tyke, making Dad a homemade Father’s Day card or doing your best to bake and decorate a Father’s Day cake made him feel extra special. Now that you are an adult, you can treat Dad by spending the day doing things he really likes to do. From chowing on a sumptuous meal to sitting waterside catching fish, show Dad you really care by finding value in his favorite recreational activities. Forget the department store gift card, here are five fun things to do with Dad for Father’s Day.

Father and daughter on golf course

1. Take him out for steak

The classic Father’s Day steak dinner doesn’t have to be cliché if you take Dad to an authentic steak house as opposed to a local diner. Even if you have to travel a town or two away, make reservations at a Ruth’s Chris Steak House location (online reservations available at www.RuthsChris.com) or visit www.BestAmericanSteakHouses.com for other steak houses around the country. An elaborate steak dinner with the family is a memorable meal Dad will appreciate more than a neck tie or another bottle of cologne.

2. Go fishing

Whether Dad likes to sit on the bank and relax with his pole in the water or wade out in the water up to his thighs to fly fish, treat him to a day of angling at his favorite watering hole. If you are oceanside, look into charter boat operations that take fishers out to sea to catch the really big fish. You can also surprise him by scouting out other fishing locales to give him a change of scenery. Check out www.LandBigFish.com, a website with nearly 3,000 entries, to find new fishing digs for you and Dad. Add to the experience by including a few lures, a new fishing vest, and a subscription to Field and Stream magazine.

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“My favorite time with my Dad is going to Sunday morning vintage European car shows. It’s amazing to hear his vast knowledge on classic sports cars and the car racers of his time. His passion for this subject just exudes from him and it’s very hard not to get enthusiastic myself about it.” Aaron Gil, San Marino, California

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3. Hit some balls

If given the choice of having the in-laws over for a Father’s Day dinner and an afternoon walking the green or swinging at the batting cage, you can bet Dad would rather be hitting some balls. Take Dad to his preferred golf course or visit www.GolfLink.com to give him a novel green on which to tee off. For dads who love baseball, batting cages are a fun way to swing off some steam and bond with the family (expect Dad to tell you exactly how to change your stance, choke up on the bat, and crack the ball because dads know best).

4. Rock on

Does Dad reminesce about the many rock concerts he attended back in the day? Give him a chance to relive his musical youth – even if you aren’t into his type of music – by taking him to a classic rock concert or depending on his tastes, a country, reggae or jazz concert. To find upcoming concerts (and sports events), check out www.TicketMaster.com. For out of town concerts, make the most of your weekend by seeing the concert and then playing tourist the next day.

5. Laugh out loud

Not only is laughter good medicine, it is one of the best ways to bond with Dad. Go see the latest funny movie at the theater with dinner plans afterward or make reservations at the local comedy club for a couple of hours of stand up laughs. You can also find big name comedian shows, such as Bill Engvall, David Spade and George Lopez, by visiting www.StubHub.com. Laughing together will not only bring you closer, it will make this Father’s Day one to remember.

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