10 Father’s Day gifts dads really want

Make Dad feel extra special by giving him Father’s Day gifts he will actually enjoy. Sure, the bottle of cologne or umpteenth tie will be appreciated – dads are good like that – but high tech gadgets, style accessories, and novel reads will show Dad you put some sincere thought into buying his gift this year. Here are 10 Father’s Day gifts Dad will love.

Father’s Day gifts

1. Bionic Golf Gloves

You know Dad is happiest when he’s walking the green and golfing a good game. Bionic Golf Gloves will help Dad literally get a grip and enjoy longer distance and greater accuracy! Bionic Gloves are the only golf gloves designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon, offering anatomical relief pads that prevent the clubface from twisting at the moment of contact, increasing swing speed, and motion zones over the knuckles and web zones between the fingers that promote natural movement and help hands “breathe.” In addition to a stylish golf glove, you’ll be giving Dad a better golf game every time he plays.

Available: www.BionicGloves.com
Price: $24.95 for single glove

Bionic Golf Gloves

2. G-Tie

A tie accessory that boldly states confidence in style, the G-Tie is a strong sterling silver piece that fits over the knot of Dad’s tie. Designed by G-Cut’s Gabor Norman, the G-Tie is perfect for the Dad who doesn’t tie a perfect knot as well as dads who like to make a manly fashion statement in their attire. Available in two sizes (regular and skinny) and four finishes (brushed, shiny, charcoal, and bronze), the G-Tie is safe for all fabrics, including Italian silk.

Available: www.G-Cut.com
Price: $75 to $135 depending on style

2. G-Tie

3. Daddy Scrubs

Is one of Dad’s gifts a new addition to the family? Instead of making him wear weathered hospital scrubs in the delivery room, give him his very own set of Daddy Scrubs. Made of comfortable high-grade material, these stylish scrubs come in three masculine colors (hunter green, killer khaki, and navy seal blue), are available in small to XX-large sizes, and don “I’m the Daddy” on the back. This trendy new line also includes tees, mugs, gifts and more, so Dad can proudly let the world know he’s a new daddy or simply a very happy daddy no matter the age of his kids.

Available: www.DaddyScrubs.com
Price: $40

3. Daddy Scrubs

4. Video Spy Pen

Deep down, every Dad is still a kid who craves the latest toys, tools, electronics and gear. The Video Spy Pen lets him play secret agent whenever he feels the urge. This ordinary-looking pen, which has a 4GB flash drive and a rechargeable 2-hour battery life, can hold up to 1.5 hours of full-color video content with sound and video at 640×480 resolution. Because the Video Spy Pen clips unobtrusively in a shirt or jacket pocket, it can help Dad capture those video-worthy moments he would otherwise miss while trying to grab his camera or focus his cell phone cam. Bonus: The pen actually works like a pen so Dad can sign checks, take notes or doodle whenever the need arises.

Available: www.Brookstone.com
Price: $100

4. Video Spy Pen

5. Wireless TV Headphones

If Dad likes to watch TV and movies with the volume up loud and the rest of the family finds it offensive, Brookstone’s Wireless TV Headphones will keep Dad in everyone’s good graces without sacrificing his tube viewing enjoyment. Using advanced infrared technology, these headphones deliver crystal-clear reception up to 19 feet, with virtually no interference from other wireless devices. The infrared wireless transmitter (included) connects easily to the TV, CD/DVD player or VCR, while the soft-touch padded headphones, which require two AAA batteries (not included), offer premium comfort for hours of TV or music.

Available: www.Brookstone.com
Price: $50

Wireless TV Headphones

6. PowerPlate Wireless Induction Charger for iPhone

Tidy up Dad’s desk (or Mom’s kitchen counter) with a PowerPlate Wireless Induction Charger for Dad’s iPhone. Instead of unsightly cords and the hassle of plugging them in, this wireless charger uses electromagnetic induction that passes from the unit to the cell phone. All Dad has to do is place his iPhone 3G or 3GS in the protective case and lay it on the charging plate for a fast charge and the ability to use the phone while charging.

Available: www.Amazon.com
Price: $100

PowerPlate Wireless Induction Charger for iPhone

7. Rumba Time Watches

For the active dad, Rumba Time Watches are the perfect accessory for water sports, land-based activities, sweating at the gym, working in the yard or simply taking the kids out for a day of fun in the sun. Made of durable silicone in over 30 colors, Rumba watches are lightweight and waterproof even to a depth of 30 meters (for the dads who scuba dive). Since watches are unisex and reasonably priced, the whole family can sport a Rumba Time Watch.

Available: www.RumbaTime.com
Price: $20

Rumba Time Watches

8. ineed soothing massager with heat

Dad works hard and has the knotty tight muscles to prove it. The iNeed Soothing Heat Massager will give him deep-down relief wherever he needs it. The handle design allows Dad to relieve hard to reach muscles on his back while the deep penetrating percussion node delivers a soothing massage with adjustable intensity and with or without heat.

Available: www.Amazon.com
Price: $50

ineed soothing massager with heat

9. Every Man’s Guide to Ballroom Dancing

Does Dad have two left feet or a paralyzing fear of dancing? Give him Every Man’s Survival Guide to Ballroom Dancing (Bluechip Publishers, 2010) by James Joseph. This invaluable book is a part guerilla manual and part cotillion (that means formal ball or social dance) handbook that will give Dad all the instruction, confidence and moves to get on the dance floor. Joseph says, “You don’t know how to really live, unless you’ve learned how to dance.” Give Dad the chance to overcome his rhythmic challenges and dance floor fear and become an enviable ballroom dancer. You can also visit Joseph’s website www.ihatetodance.com for free videos of ballroom dance moves.

Available: www.Amazon.com
Price: $14

Every Man's Guide to Ballroom Dancing

10. Beer Belly Blues

If Dad has been living the good life a little too well over the years and has the waistline to show it, don’t nag at him to get on a tofu and wheatgrass diet. Instead, hand him a health-promoting book that speaks his language. Beer Belly Blues (Abundant Health Systems, 2010), by Canada’s nutrition, obesity and longevity expert Brad J King, is packed with humorous anecdotes, concise layman’s prose, enlightening information on the underlying causes of age-related changes in men (including the beer belly), and practical strategies for Dad to regain his vigor, physique and optimal health. That is the best Father’s Day gift of all.

Available: www.Amazon.com
Price: $12

Beer Belly Blues

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