3 Conversations guys hate to have the day after Valentine’s Day

For women, Valentine’s Day is a celebration that combines the virtues of true romance and the historical courtship of dating. Even if you’ve been in a relationship for a while – or even married – it’s the one evening when you can still get butterflies in your stomach because of the anticipation that comes with an expectation-filled amorous adventure. Little girls often dream of being a princess while big girls get to actually feel like one on Valentine’s Day. Then, there’s what guys think of after your Valentine’s Day date.

Woman nagging boyfriend

Believe it or not, men actually do share many of your roses and chocolate themed expectations for Valentine’s Day and what’s to come. But as we all know, men and women approach romance differently,
and this is only multiplied on a day of such magnificent proportions.

So if the date was great and you want your guy to stick around, we recommend avoiding these three conversations that make guys cringe after a successful date:

Have you updated your status yet?

Having your first date on Valentine’s Day is already filled with enough anxiety. The next day some men will face the inevitable talk to change their Facebook status. Men used to worry about the
blackbook but now it’s all about the Facebook. Don’t rush to change your own status … let the Valentine’s high wear off and see where things progress under more natural dating settings.

Taking The Next Step

– If you’re already in an exclusive relationship on Valentine’s Day, the day is often a time when you’ll start thinking about taking the next step – moving in together, meeting the families,
getting engaged. Be sensitive, he’s just planned an extravagant date for you but it doesn’t mean he’s ready to change the décor of him man cave or trade in that ridiculous sports car just
yet. Let the Valentine’s Day fog clear before making any rash decisions!

Going to the chapel

Every man who proposes to his girlfriend wants the day to be unforgettable for her. For many men, this means a Valentine’s Day proposal. So if he’s gotten up the nerve to pop the big question to
you on Valentine’s Day, enjoy the first few days of your engagement before hitting him with wedding planning mania and nagging him to ditch the two-seater sports car for a family car. We know, it’s
a ridiculous car, but he has just put a lot of thought into proposing to you so be a bit sneaky in your nagging. Make www.leasetrader.com his new homepage or e-mail him a few auto picks of your own
– all while telling him how handsome he’ll be behind the wheel.

It’s not that men don’t want romance. And it’s not that men don’t also want commitment. But whether we like it or not men approach romance and commitment different than
women based on certain fears that are a part of their DNA.

So enjoy yourself and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day evening! Just be gentle on him the day after when he knows the relationship is now changed forever.


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