Does a guy’s car determine the type of date he’ll be?

Your heart flutters just thinking about the big date coming up on Valentine’s Day. Will it be an elegant dinner finished off with strawberries and champagne? Maybe a surprising trip to Paris for a night in the world’s most romantic city? Or maybe it’ll be just the two of you under the stars? It turns out, you can get a pretty good idea of what a date will be like based on the type of car Prince Charming picks you up in.

Woman kissing man in convertible, the car leasing experts, and popular dating coach Deanna Lorraine discuss five types of dates you can expect to have based on, that’s
right, the type of car a man drives. According to Lorraine, cars tend to be an expression of men’s personality traits and values, which can be very telling.

Infiniti G-35

Since this guy is most likely a confident power-player who’s got style and sophisticated taste, he’s going to want to impress you so he’ll be looking sharp and smelling good when he arrives in his
freshly waxed and gleaming Infiniti G-35. Your Valentine’s date will consist of dinner at a chic, upscale European place you’ve probably never heard of followed by a night out at an ultra-exclusive
nightclub with your own VIP section and bottle service flowing all night, capped off with a drive around the city and some kissing.

Ford Focus

Well don’t get your hopes up with a fancy, lavish date with this guy, ladies, but it will be the perfect date for the right girl. This conservative fellow is most likely simple and cost-conscious,
possibly even borderline frugal, although a sensitive romantic at heart. Since this guy probably isn’t caught up in all the Valentine’s hype, expect a low-frills, modest evening but with lots of
heart-felt quality time; and since this guy is more on the sweet and quieter side, you may have to be the one to make the romantic “moves” if you’re wanting some Valentine’s action.

Cadillac Escalade

The Escalade owner is typically a classy, successful and slightly cocky guy who’s into luxury and the finer things in life and enjoys showing off his success and big paycheck in BIG ways. If you’ve
got a date with this one, expect a grandiose Valentine’s date with a ridiculous display of roses, a very upscale restaurant with a seductive ambiance and lavish three-course meal, and
champagne/desserts flowing. And after that, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a five-star hotel room waiting for you to end the evening in.


Strap on your seatbelt, for this bold Bad Boy enjoys fast and racy activities and may take you on a wild ride of a date! He’ll probably do something fun and exciting that gives you both a good
rush, like taking you on a rollercoaster, race-car tracks or an activity like sky-diving. For dinner he’ll likely take you to a swanky rooftop restaurant overlooking the city where you both can be
seen, since he enjoys the attention.

Chevy Silverado

Since the Chevy man is going to be more rugged and hard, he’s probably not going to be a huge sap for Valentines Day anyhow so I wouldn’t expect a cliché of chocolates and roses on the date.
This guy’s more interested in spending time with you then setting up a lavish date, so your date will probably consist of an outdoors overnighter away from the city, hanging out in the back
of his pickup, drinking beer and eating finger foods while a Drive-in movie and cozying up underneath the stars.


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