Plan your own Times Square New Year’s Eve party

Think the closest you’ll get to Times Square is gathering your pals around the tube to watch the ball drop in New York City? Not so! In fact, the ball seems to be popping up at some unexpected places like the annual Hornitos Mischief Ball a few weeks ago. While the ball may not make it to your New Year’s Eve party, here are a few tips we’ve gleaned from the ultra-hip Mischief Ball that can help you throw your own mega New Year’s Eve bash that will have people talking well into 2010.

New Years Eve Disco Ball

1. Have a surprise guest

The best parties, like the Hornitos Mischief Ball, are all about great surprises for the guests. While party goers at the annual Hornitos Mischief Ball a few weeks ago enjoyed the fun, mischievous
theme of the party and celeb sightings of mischief-makers like buds Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and Brendon Urie from Panic at the Disco, the real star of the show was a surprise guest: the Times Square New Year’s Eve ball!

Not sure you can pull off a similar, super hip heist and smuggle the NYE ball all the way to your party in time for your New Year’s Eve party? Plan your own surprise guests – invite a few
long lost pals and surprise your guests when these long lost friends show up in time to ring in the New Year. Can’t get them on a plane? Set up a video chat with your laptop so you can all
celebrate at midnight together. This works great for friends and family members who are overseas, in the military or away at school and can’t join in the fun firsthand. Or, plan a red carpet affair
complete with swanky attire and life-size celeb cutouts around the room. Be sure to include dress up boxes with New Year’s Eve tiaras, feather boas and the like and designate a paparazzo or two to
snap pictures of your guests partying with the stars.

2. Gather a crowd

The Hornitos Mischief Ball wasn’t short on guests, and the packed room added to the excitement of the party and the overall surprise at the ball showing up. To get the same pulse-pumping, club type
atmosphere at home, max out your invite list. If you have the space, consider moving the party to an outdoor patio (hey, the folks in NYC are bundled up, too!) and pack the guests in. Wire up your
big screen outside, tune in and start counting down with your own crowd of people. Don’t want to move the party outdoors? At least gather everyone together around the TV, distribute the party horns
and get ready for the stroke of 12. Want to make an announcement or introduce a surprise guest? Now’s the time to do it, a la DJ Aoki at the Mischief Ball. With all eyes on you, you’ll be able to
present a toast, introduce a guest or wish partygoers a safe and happy 2010.

3. Don’t forget the ball

What’s New Year’s Eve without the Times Square ball? Clearly, the ball was the main attraction at the Mischief Ball and with good reason – its appearance alone was a surprise paired with the
fact that it’s got quite an imposing stage presence. Grab disco ball decorations from your local party supply store and string them up along with Christmas lights all around your party space. Keep
the lights low to really bring out the sparkle of the balls. Scatter glitter confetti around the drinks and dinner tables and hand out glow sticks and glow necklaces to keep the Times Square ball
theme going.