50 Ways to get organized this year

Dec 10, 2009 at 4:40 p.m. ET

If you've pegged 2010 as the year you get organized, then what better way to start than with a list? Print this out and tack it to your fridge to keep you on track, and make sure to cross each item off as you complete it!

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  1. Create a calendar of family activities, and encourage everyone in the household to keep it updated.
  2. We all have kitchen equipment we only use on special occasions. Put that in storage, and maintain your valuable counter space.
  3. Try self-cleaning sprays and flushes – they work really well, and save tons of time!

Family activities

1. Start a family calendar and keep it online for everyone to access.
2. Arrange carpools for each child's activity and send out a schedule to all of the drivers involved.
3. Hold a family brainstorm of fun activities each kid (and grownup) likes and keep the list around for boredom emergencies.
4. Schedule alone time with your partner. Even if it means signing your 13-year-old son up for belly dancing, do it to get the house to yourselves for a small chunk of time weekly.
5. Organize family activities that help with running the house and kill two birds with one stone. Cooking can be fun and you could turn raking leaves into a competition with a prize.

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