10 New Year skin resolutions

Out with the old, in with the new? Not where your skin is concerned. All we have to work with is the skin that nature deals us. And that’s why it’s time to learn how to best take care of it.

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“The new year is a time to shake up your beauty routine. Experiment with a little shimmer, experiment with new eye and lip shades, and opt for multitasking hydrating face formulations,”
says cosmetic superstar Laura Geller. Here are 10 skin care tips to help you get better skin:

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  1. Have another cup of java! Not only will your morning coffee wake you up, it helps reduce your risk of skin cancer.
  2. Whether or not it’s sunny out, always wear your SPF-bearing skincare products.
  3. Compare ingredients – you may discover your drugstore brands are just as good as the pricey ones!
  4. Drink lots of water – hydration is key to healthy skin.
  5. Cleanliness is next to godliness – make sure to cleanse your face at least twice a day!


Embrace UVA/UVB protection

Pledge to use a moisturizer with an SPF every day, not just when you’re heading to the beach. We know about the cancer risks of sun exposure, but plain and simple, sun damage is just not very


Enjoy your coffee

For years, coffee has had the reputation as a dietary villain, but actually, regular coffee consumption can reduce the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer by up to 36 percent. Components of raw coffee
beans have been shown recently to double the production of dermal collagen and elastin. Just don’t drink it on an empty stomach.


Say Hello to drugstore brands

In 2010, pledge not to overspend on skin care items. Instead, turn to your drugstore-aisle (and yet fabulous) products like Cetaphil and Bio-Oil to moisturize your skin for a lot less. Check the
labels on your favorite skin care products – generic brands often are the same as more expensive varieties.


Stay hydrated

Water is important in so many ways, and keeping skin healthy is one of them. Drinking lots of H20 helps detox the body, which promotes health and helps banish breakouts. Make it a habit to keep a
bottle of water on your desk and refill it throughout the day.


Out with the old, in with the new

“Most cosmetics tend to lose their abilities after a while and are a perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria,” says Laura Geller. “The new year is the perfect time to edit
your makeup bag. A good rule of thumb is to throw away anything 6 months old, with a few exceptions. I replace powder after a year and mascara after 3 months. Also, opt for foundations and creams
in airtight packaging to preserve ingredients and inhibit bacteria.”


Get your exercise

Think exercise is just for your body? Not true: Working out your cardiovascular system (exercise, dancing, even sex!) for at least 20 minutes twice weekly allows all of your skin, even fingertips,
to get good, sustained blood circulation.


Wash your face twice a day

Yes, twice. Clean, clear skin is important to help reduce the possibility of acne and breakouts. Remember: Hot water opens pores, so wash with hot water. Cold water closes pores, so splash your
face with cold water after washing to ensure that your pores are protected from the environment. For this reason, we should splash with cold water before applying makeup, as well.


Watch your diet

Give your face the same respect you give your waistline. Especially if you are breakout-prone, try to avoid fried/greasy foods. Alcohol is not a great idea, either; it’s dehydrating and causes
sallowness once that buzzed flush is gone.


Avoid over-layering the makeup

Skin needs to breathe, so don’t wear more makeup than necessary. Also, consider mineral-based and other light formulas and always use clean applicators. Apply makeup in very thin layers; you can
always add more, if necessary.


Thou shalt pamper

You take good care of everyone else — don’t forget you! Exfoliate every few days to avoid cellular buildup, and follow up whenever possible with a luxurious nurturing mask.


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