5 Ways to meet better guys

Dec 10, 2009 at 1:42 p.m. ET

Tired of dating the same ol' kinds of guys, time after time? Always having the same dating style results in wasted time, relationships gone wrong or no dates at all. It's time for you to rock to a new dating beat. Shake up your dating life with these five great resolutions and flirting tips!

Couple on Cofee Date

1. Expand your dating playgrounds

Eligible guys are everywhere, ready and willing to be dated. The problem is, they're not always what we'd call winners. If you keep running into the same types of guys, try expanding your social boundaries a bit. Join a group that has social activities each month or try a new happy hour each week with your gal pals.  

2. Just say "yes"!

If you want things to change, you have to take a chance. Think of any guy who asks you out like a new car: Is he worthy of a test drive? Like a prospective vehicle, you can't know for certain if a guy is a good fit until you give him a spin around the block, play with a few buttons and have a look-see under his hood. So instead of prematurely judging a guy because he doesn't fit your idea of your type, say "yes" to all date offers (unless he is wearing a house arrest anklet or his name rhymes with Miger Loods), because one who looks like a clunker at first glance just might be undercover vintage.

3. Make the first move

It's not called the game of love for no reason... If you don't play, you can't win. So go ahead: Take control of the ball and start calling the shots. This takes guts, but get in the game and approach him.

If you're feeling that connection, odds are so is he, and he'll be pleasantly surprised you've chosen to break the ice. Taking the pressure off him will loosen him up a bit and make it easier for him to close the deal and ask for a date. Make a game out of it by challenging your girlfriends to a competition: The first one to meet five new guys in a night wins a mani/pedi. At least you'll have one thing to show for all your hard work!

4. Eliminate you (or your mama's) timelines

Free yourself from the pressures of dating by forgetting all preconceived timelines, such as when you/he should call, when to have sex, when you should be married and so on. When you can enjoy dating for the natural adventure it's supposed to be, you'll become far more attractive to men. Stick to your guns and don't waste time with an undercover loser, but relax a little and enjoy the flirting.

5. Sunny side up

To really change your dating life, change your dating attitude. Abolish negative thoughts about dating -- e.g., "all the good guys are taken," "guys suck" or "I'm unlucky in love." Surround yourself with people who are positive about dating and decide there's no such thing as a bad date -- just a great story to share with your girlfriends. Here's our best dating advice: Approach each date as an opportunity to learn something about yourself and what you want/need in a relationship -- and be prepared to laugh off some of dating's great absurdities.

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