8 Tech gift picks for Black Friday, Cyber Monday & beyond

If you have gadget lovers on your list — or tech geeks, super-efficient organized types or the dreaded “impossible to buy for” friend or family member — these technological marvels will help you pick out the best Christmas gifts and get the best deals… on Black Friday, Cyber Monday or any other shopping day before December 25th!

Tech gifts and gadgets

1. Flip out with video

Don’t make the budding Spielberg (or Hitchcock) in your family struggle with a clunky old video camera. The pocket-sized Flip Mino camcorderslike this party confetti model (designed by one of our very own editors!) — are easy to use, and make sharing video simple, too. For about $149 and up, you can choose from thousands of designs, or create a special look just for them at CafePress.com’s Flip Camcorder store!

2. Make their grocery lists smarter

Never let a friend forget something at the grocery store again! The SmartShopper Deluxe electronic device attaches to the fridge and takes dictation — just press the button and say the name of what is needed (more than 2500 grocery item names are pre-loaded, and more can be added).

When it’s time to hit the supermarket, they can just press the print button to get your entire shopping list, which will be automatically sorted by store department (such as dairy, produce or frozen foods). This electronic shopping list organizer is $99.99 plus shipping, and you can get all the details about the SmartShopper Deluxe at SmartShopperUSA.com.

3. FOLD an iPhone power supply

P-Flip Foldable Power Dock is a brand-new portable, foldable, rechargeable power dock and stand that you can use to charge an iPhone (or iPod Touch) when there isn’t a traditional power supply handy. On the road, your lucky gift recipient can add enough juice to get you 8 extra hours of talk time! The P-Flip from Dexim comes in 5 colors, including black and hot pink. This cool little iPhone charger retails for $54.95, and you can get the details about where to buy it at Dexim.net.

4. Talk to the clock

The Moshi Voice Control (VC) Alarm Clock is both a talking clock and a “listening clock.” Give it a shout, and find out the time or set the alarm! This voice controlled clock is $49.99 direct from Moshi.

5. The Walkman now joins us from the 80s

The Sony Walkman has come a long way since its cassette-tape-playing debut in the eighties. Their latest, the 16GB X Series Walkman MP3 Player, offers built-in WiFi, a OLED touchscreen, great sound quality, and can hold up to 33 hours of music (or 9 hours of video playback).

The newest Walkman might seem a bit pricey with a retail price of $299, but it comes with 100 free music downloads and a pair of Sony’s premium noise-cancelling headphones. Find out more about the Walkman at the Sony Store.

6. Mix (tape) it up

And speaking of cassette players, you can make a fun and funky retro “mix tape” — using modern technology and a vintage look. This Mixtape Memory Stick package will let you share some of your favorite tunes with a friend, just like in the olden days. Get it for about $15.99 at ThinkGeek.

7. a hole watch

Perhaps the strangest, coolest watch we’ve ever seen… and it’s from Fossil. The stainless steel strap on the S+arck O-Ring watch holds a big donut-shaped time-telling device. It’s definitely not your daddy’s wristwatch! Get the S+arck O-Ring watch for $150.00 at Fossil.

8. POWER calamari?

Don’t let your favorite technophile wrestle with trying to get the plugs for all of those electronic devices all lined up in a perfect row. Give a flexible PowerSquid Power Strip! They come with 6 outlets (surge protection available), making managing those cords and cables a whole lot easier. Wrap your tentacles around one for $19.95 & up at PowerSquid.com.


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