Countdown to Christmas Wreath

Kids are always excited to get to the holiday season. That’s why a countdown to Christmas wreath from is perfect to keep the kids engaged in each day of the season. Whether you make it a daily countdown or an advent wreath, the kids will certainly enjoy making and using their special wreath.

christmas wreath countdownCountdown to
Christmas Wreath


Tulip® 3D Fashion Paint – 65000 White

Aleene’s® Crystal Clear Tacky Spray™

Tulip® Soft Fabric Paint™ – BI15784 Glacier White

Tulip® Fabric Glitter Spray™ – FLSG1 Crystallina Glitter Spray

Plastic tablecloth

Card stock, red, turquoise

Satin ribbon, 2″ wide, 1 yd, red

Wood wreath, round, flat

Circle pattern

Paintbrush, large, flat

Favor tins, silver, 24


Tissue paper, lime





1. Cover work surface with tablecloth. Lay wreath onto work surface.

2. Squeeze a puddle of Glacier White onto foil. Paint front and edges of wreath, using paintbrush. Let dry. Paint back of wreath. Let dry. Repeat procedure to apply a second coat of paint. Let dry.

3. Trace 12 circles onto each color of card stock. Cut out, using scissors.

4. Line up tins. Lay circles onto work surface. Apply Tacky Spray onto one side of each circle, following manufacturer’s instructions. Immediately press each circle onto center of lid of a

5. Turn tins over. Spray glue onto bottom of each tin. Immediately press tins onto wreath, alternating colors. Let dry.

6. Turn wreath over. Cut a length of ribbon long enough to create a loop at upper edge of wreath and tails that extend below lower edge. Notch ribbon ends.

7. Glue ribbon loop onto upper edge of wreath and tails onto lower edge.

8. Cut one piece of tissue paper into 4″ wide strips. Cut strips into fourths. Twist one end. Snip opposite end to create fringe to resemble pine needles.

9. Spray Glitter onto fringed end of tissue. Let dry.

10. Push twisted end of each piece firmly between tins.

11. Start flow of 3D Paint on a paper towel, applying an even pressure on bottle for a smooth line. Write “1” onto tin at upper center of wreath, using 3D Paint. Write appropriate
number onto each remaining tin. Let dry.

12. Fill each tin with candy.


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