Celestial Balls Christmas Ornament

Adorn vases and other bowls with holiday celestial balls. Great for all kinds of holidays, this craft is the perfect way to add a little holiday color to any room in your house.

Celestial Balls

Christmas Ornament


Tissue paper: white, red, green (or other colors of your choice)

STYROFOAM Brand Foam: Balls, 3″, 5″ (or size of your choice)

Gold markers, medium and narrow tip

Wooden skewer, chopsticks, or other pointed tool

Paintbrush brush with wide, firm bristles

Thick, white craft glue


1. Insert skewer, chopstick or other pointed tool into ball to use as a handle.

2. Tear tissue paper into small rectangles (do not cut).

3. Using paintbrush, spread glue on portion of ball. Place torn tissue squares on glue; cover with more glue. Continue, overlapping edges of tissue, until entire ball is covered. Let dry.

4. Remove chopstick. Following instructions in Step 3, cover hole with tissue paper.

5. Using gold markers, draw simple, repetitive designs on ball.

Models shown include swirls, stars and dots.

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