Silver Bells Welcome Christmas Wreath

Soon it will be Christmas Day! So why not show your door a little love with a Silver Bells Welcome wreath from! You’ll welcome both Christmas and your guests into your home with a festive holiday decoration.

christmas wreathSilver Bells Welcome

Christmas Wreath


Krylon Short Cuts® Aerosol Paints – Chrome (#SCS032)

Krylon Glitter Spray – Shimmering Silver (#402)

(1) 24″ artificial pine wreath

(5) 4″ craft foam bells

(17) 1″ craft foam balls

1″ × 12″ x 18″ sheet of craft foam

(2 yds) braided 3/8″ wide silver trim

(3-1/3 yds) 2 1/4″ wide silver ribbon for bow

(5 yds) 3/16″ wide wire edge silver ribbon for bells

Silver hologram glitter

(2) 18″ lengths of cloth covered floral wire

1 green chenille stem

5 round toothpicks

17 bamboo skewers



Yard stick

Glue gun and glue sticks

White craft glue

3/4″ wide flat brush

Waxed paper


1. To create bell clappers, glue toothpicks into bottoms of bells off center leaving 1/2″ protruding. Glue a ball onto each toothpick, twisting to fit securely against bottom of bell.

2. To serve as handles, place skewers into the top of each bell and into remaining balls.

3. Spray all pieces with Chrome. Stand in sheet to dry.

4. Spray balls with Glitter Spray. Stand in sheet to dry. When dry, remove all skewers.

5. Cut to fit with a 1/4″ overlap and glue 3/8″ trim around the bottom rim of each bell.

6. Use flat brush to coatYour browser may not support display of this image. bell clappers with white craft glue.

7. Over waxed paper, sprinkle clappers with Silver Hologram Glitter. Let Dry.

8. To make bell bows from 3/16″ ribbon, cut (5) 27″ lengths for bows and (5) 9″ lengths for tails. Cut (5) 3 1/2″ lengths of cloth covered floral wire.

9. Make a six–loop bow with each 27″ length. Using floral wires tie bows to center of tails. Curl tails.

10. Glue bows to tops of bells over holes made by skewers.

11. To complete bow and hanger, cut a 24″ piece for tails.

12. Make 8–loop bow with center knot with remainder.

13. Using floral wire, wire tails to bow and bow to wreathYour browser may not support display of this image. at 12 o’clock position.

14. Tie chenille stem to wire wreath frame behind bow for hanger.

15. Arrange bells and balls on wreath. Glue in place. Mist entire wreath with Glitter Spray.


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