Circle Christmas Bell

Ornaments are essential to any good decorating for the holiday season. Here, gives us a circle Christmas bell — the perfect adornment for your tree, doorknobs, or anywhere that you can hang something festive.

christmas bellCircle Christmas Bell


1 piece each of 2 different fabrics, at least 6″x6″ each

1 piece of regular-weight fast2fuse at least 6″x 6″

26Ë–28Ë rattail cording

2 small jingle bells — optional


Olfa circle cutter — optional


1. Fuse different fabric to each side of a 6Ë round or square piece of regular-weight fast2fuse.

2. Cut into a 5Ë circle.

3. To cut the circle in half, measure in 2-1?2Ë from the edge of the circle and cut a straight line.

4. From this point, you have 2 ornaments to work on. Embellish a different side of each for 2 totally different ornaments—or do the same things to both and have identical ornaments.

5. Beginning at the center of the straight cut, zigzag rattail or other decorative cording on using monofilament polyester thread or thread to match your fabric and cording. Leave about 1Ë of
cording at the start.

6. At the end, make a loop of cording. Use 6Ë–8Ë of cording, depending on how low you want it to hang. Bring the end of the cording across the start of the loop and anchor it well.
Trim the end to about 1Ë. These ends will be hidden inside the bell.

7. Embellish the sides and edges of the bell. Use decorative stitching, hot ribbon, hot-fix crystals, prebeaded fringes, feathers … go for it!

8. Fold the circle in half and sew the sides together with a 1.5–2.0 width, 1.0 length zigzag. Backstitch at the start and end. A drop of thread glue at the end will make sure the threads
won’t pull out. Be careful to keep any embellishment fringes out of the way as you sew up the sides.

9. Steam it a bit and gently hold it over the base of a small glass (I finally found a use for that cute shot glass in the back of the cupboard!) to get a nice round shape.


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