Easy Christmas Angel Charms

Help your little angel create an angel charm this Christmas season with some instructions from CharmFactory.com. With just a few beads and pins, you’ll have the perfect Christmas gift in just minutes.

Easy Christmas Angel Charms


1-1 ½” long head pin (Use a 2″ long pin if easier to maneuver)

1-4mm round bead

1-6mm round bead

1-4mm Bali style flat flower bead

1 angel wings bead from the Charm Factory


1 pair round nose pliers

1 pair flat or needle nose pliers


1. Slide the 6mm round bead onto the head pin to make the body.

2. Slide the angel wings bead on next.

3. Then put the 4mm round bead on to make the head.

4. Next the 4mm Bali style flat flower bead goes on to make the halo.

5. Take the round nose pliers and grab the head pin right above the halo. Wrap the pin around the pliers to make a circle.

6. Hold the circle you just made with flat or needle nose pliers. With your hand, wrap the pin around the circle three times. This will keep the beads tight together.

7. Cut off the excess pin length with the needle nose pliers.

8. Add a jump ring or spring ring to attach your charm to a bracelet, other jewelry, etc.


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