Kid-to-Kid Christmas Goodie Bags

This fun craft, provided by Terri O at, is perfect to give guests as they leave your holiday party or play date. Kids love candy, and the fun shapes of the cookie cutters provide an exciting little treat for the holidays.

Kid to Kid Christmas Goodie Bags


Cookie cutters with a wide edge

Recycled plastic clear lids. (we used one from a party tray)


Clear bags with twist ties


Holiday paper

Clear tape


1. Trace out the design of the cookie cutter onto the plastic lid and onto a piece of holiday paper. Make sure the design of the paper will show on the outside of the cutter.

2. Cut out your design. You may need to do some extra trimming on the plastic so it fits inside your cutter.

3. Place the plastic inside your cookie cutter and fill it with candy.

4. Place the holiday paper over the cookie cutter and tape the edges so the candy does not fall out.

5. Put each cookie cutter inside a goodie bag and hand them out to your friends!


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