Make your own stocking

Oct 29, 2009 at 11:46 p.m. ET

Whether you have simple taste or a flair for the chic and classy, your stocking should express your style and add a personalized finishing touch to your holiday decor. Making your own stocking is easy. All you have to add is your personality!

Woman holding homemade christmas stockingWhat you'll need

•   Paper
•   Fabric of your choice, such as red felt
•   White fuzzy trim for the cuff
•   Pins
•   Scissors
•   Thread
•   Sewing machine

Fold the stocking fabric in half with the right side facing in. Draw a stocking pattern onto a sheet of lightweight paper, using an old stocking as your guide. Pin the pattern onto the folded stocking fabric and carefully cut out the shape of the stocking from the fabric. You should have two pieces.

Cut two pieces of cuff fabric, approximately 12 inches long and one inch wider than the top of your stocking. Fold over the cuff pieces with the right side facing out so that the cuff pieces are about six inches long. Pin the cuff pieces to the top of the right side of the stocking pieces so that the cut edges line up straight.

Sew a straight line across the top to attach the cuff to the stocking. Fold up the cuffs and line up the two stocking pieces with the right side of the stocking fabric facing in. Sew a half-inch seam all around.

Turn the stocking right side out and it's time to decorate and fill!

Decoration options

Cut Christmas shapes like bells or holly leaves from different colored/textured fabric and paste it with fabric glue or write your name with glitter glue on your holiday stocking. You can jazz it up a bit with sequins, beads, pom poms, lace or any trim that showcases your personal style.

Personalized options

Think about some of your favorite things and consider how your stocking could reflect something you call your own.

Ice Skate

Make a white stocking with a red cuff, using the instructions above. Cut a blade shape from grey felt or velvet and sew it to the bottom. Stitch a shoelace in a crisscross pattern and add bells to the end of the lace.

Flip Flops

Substitute a tan color in place of the red on the traditional stocking, and lose the cuff. Attach felt cut outs to the front of the stocking in the shape of a sandal sole and add flip flop straps. Add a beaded ankle bracelet to complete the surfer look.

Ballet Slipper

Make a white stocking without a cuff. Attach a slipper shape made out of pink felt or silk to the bottom of the foot. Stitch a pink ribbon in a crisscross pattern up the length of the stocking and tie a bow on top.


Make a shoe-shaped stocking from white fabric and attach a blue sneaker shape to the foot. Add your favorite brand's stripes if you choose, plus shoelaces to the top of the foot. Go retro and add stripes along the leg for tube socks.

Cowboy Boot

Make a boot-shaped stocking with tan or brown felt. Attach a heel and toe with black or gray felt. Stitch a ring of black felt around the ankle and loop a large silver buckle through it.

Whatever your style, personalized stockings allow you to showcase it in a fun and festive way!

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