Three party ideas for triplets

Oct 15, 2009 at 1:34 p.m. ET

If you're a mom of multiples, you know first hand how difficult it is to care for three kids with only two hands. Planning a party is no different.

Triplets cutting birthday cake

Yes, triplets can be an enormous amount of work. But part of the payoff is that you get to plan fun triplet birthday parties, so here are a few ideas.

Three kids in a tub

Take a cue from Mother Goose and plan a nursery rhyme party. Start with a picture of your kids in the bath on the invitation (Worried about crazy lawsuits? Put some swimsuits on your kids before you photograph them) and title it, "Rub a dub dub, three kids in a tub!"

Get a few picture frames and nursery rhyme books from the dollar store to make your own decorations, or take more shots of your kids posed as the characters from the classic rhyme (the butcher in a white coat, the baker in a chef's hat and a candlestick maker holding a candlestick). For activities, blow bubbles, paint with shaving cream and set up a sprinkler for water fun.

You can use three small, round cakes to represent soap bubbles and have one child's picture screened on each cake.

Gift bags can include bubble bath and bath paints.

Three-ring circus

What better way to celebrate with triplets than to tell everyone what it's really like? For your invitations, you can photograph your children as clowns — or go with off-the-shelf invites. Decorate with circus-themed balloons and streamers, and if the kids are three and up, serve popcorn in bags as a snack. Animal crackers or cotton candy work well for younger children.

A circus theme lets you use all kinds of carnival games adapted to the age and ability of your crowd. Try a ring toss or a beanbag toss, pin the nose on the clown and face painting.

Moms of multiples know that simple is better. SheKnows recommends that you remember this tip and don't triple your party list just because there are three guests of honor.

All aboard the zoo train

If your house ever feels like a zoo, you'll enjoy this party theme. Recycle Halloween costumes and photograph your kids dressed up as animals for the invitation. Check your dollar store for animal decorations and invite guests to bring their pets. You can also contact local petting zoos to see if they do on- or off-site petting parties.

Have a show and tell with all the animals present. For games, try an animal-egg hunt — use plastic Easter eggs with animal stickers on them — and animal relay races where kids hop like kangaroos, run like cheetahs and so on.

Animal crackers make a great snack and you can make individual train car cakes for each birthday child.

Just because your triplets share the same birthday, they don't all have to share the spotlight. Let each one have a chance to shine at the party.