Brambleberry Pumpkin Soaps

Oct 12, 2009 at 5:16 p.m. ET

The dinner table isn't the only place your guests will see on Thanksgiving. No one wants germs around, especially during cold and flu season. Washing hands will definitely be necessary and when your guests visit the sink, they can check out your fabulous and festive pumpkin soaps from! TThis colorful and fun-shaped handmade pumpkin soap craft will be the talk of your Thanksgiving dinner party (after your wonderful culinary skills, of course!).

Brambleberry Pumpkin Soaps


Flexy Fast Molding Putty
Clear Melt and Pour Soap
Sunshine Yellow (from Soapylove's Jewelry Box)
Fiery Fuchsia (from Soapylove's Jewelry Box)
Sparkle Dust (from Soapylove's Jewelry Box)
Liquid Green
Pumpkin Spice Fragrance Oil
Buttercream and Snickerdoodle Fragrance Oil
Vanilla Color Stabilizer
A Perfectly Small Pumpkin (mine was 5.7 ounces)
Vinyl Gloves


1. The first step to this project is making a pumpkin mold out of the Flexy Fast Molding Putty. Never used Flexy Fast Before? Check out Soap Queen TV to see a full tutorial.

2. Mixing your Flexy Fast: Flexy Fast comes as 2 parts. The usage rate is 1:6 by weight or 1:20 by volume. Or golf ball size of the white stuff to marble size of the pink stuff. Knead the two components together until fully incorporated. You're done when you have a nice bubblegum color with no pink streaks, which will take about 1 minute.

3. Molding your pumpkin: Carefully form the putty around your pumpkin. Really press the putty into the pumpkin to ensure that you get all of the realistic details and to release any air bubbles. Make sure there are no holes in the putty that the soap could potentially leak through.

4. The soap, color and fragrance quantities may slightly vary depending on the size of your pumpkin (my pumpkin was 5.7 ounces). For the stem, melt ½ of clear melt and pour and add a smidge of Liquid Green (not even a whole drop). Use a dropper fill the stem part of your mold and spritz with rubbing alcohol to get rid of any bubbles.

5. Scenting your pumpkin: Melt about 6 ounces of clear soap and add your favorite fall fragrance. I used ½ ml of Pumpkin Spice, ½ ml of Butter Cream and Snickerdoodle and 1 ml Vanilla Stabilizer to keep my orange color bright and vibrant. It smells like pumpkin pie!

6. Now that our soap has been scented, add 20 drops of the Sunshine Yellow and 1/2 drop of the Fiery Fuchsia from Soapylove's Jewelry Box Color Set (it helps to put a drop on the spoon and drip half the amount in the soap). Mix well until you have the perfect pumpkin orange. Then add a pinch or 2 of Sparkle Dust to give the pumpkin an extra festive touch.

7. Check the temperature of the soap and make sure it's no hotter than 120 degrees (we don't want to melt stem of the pumpkin). Spritz your green stem layer with rubbing alcohol to ensure the layers stick then pour the sparkly, orange soap into the mold and give it a final spritz with rubbing alcohol.

Tip: If the soap seems a little too big just cut it in half for smaller version. Even though it's half the size it's still equally as cute.