Thanksgiving Turkey Placecard Holders

Oct 12, 2009 at 5:07 p.m. ET

If you're having a large dinner party for Thanksgiving, it might be a good idea to have assigned seating. And no seat assignment would be complete without a festive place card holder. Coming to us from "Crafty Mom" Mary Lyon, these are the perfect accessory to any dinner table. Though assigning seats at your holiday table is often a difficult task, it is definitely made easier with this festive and creative Thanksgiving craft idea: Turkey place card holders!

Turkey Place Card Holders craft


1 throwaway CD
1 sheet of "fun foam" from a craft store
1 small pinecone
1 almond
1 long brown nut or brazil nut
2 small white beans
2 pipe cleaners, one red and one yellow
1 black marker
1 small bag of unsalted, shelled pumpkin seeds
2 or 3 tablespoons of unpopped popcorn
1 pair of scissors
1 medium-heat glue gun
1 bottle of regular white glue


1. Place, and glue the CD, SHINY SIDE UP, on the "fun foam." Then trim around it to cut off the extra.

2. Fold the yellow pipe cleaner in half. Then, fold each half in three smaller folds, to make two bird feet. Make the middle fold of each set of three – slightly bigger than the folds on either side of it, for a longer middle toe. Then glue it to the base of the pinecone, so the feet stick out from underneath.

3. Determine where the larger brown nut should be – to make the body of the little turkey. With your thumb, push in several of the "petals" of the pine cone in the front, centered above where the feet stick out, to accommodate that large nut. This is where the body should be. Then glue the nut in place. Let the glue "set."

4. Cut a piece about 1-½ inches long from the red pipe cleaner. Bend it in half. That's the wattle. Glue it on, on the top of the large brown nut, so the loop hangs down in the front a little bit. Let the glue "set."

5. Figure out the best side of the almond, and where you want the eyes to go. Then glue each small white bean in place for the eyes. Let the glue "set." Then, carefully mark in dark pupils onto the white beans, completing the eyes.

6. Glue the almond turkey head in place, on top o the ends of the red pipe cleaner wattle. Let the glue "set."

7. Drizzle a line of white glue around the outer edge of the CD. Arrange the shelled pumpkin seeds on it, so they're glued into place there. Let the glue dry.

8. Using white glue, glue the popcorn all over the rest of the exposed surface of the CD, so that the turkey looks like he's sitting in the corn! Stand a place card in the front, under his chin, and your table's ready!