Turkey Tissue Box

Oct 13, 2009 at 4:43 p.m. ET

Who knew the bathroom had such great craft materials?! Using some typical household products, you can make a festive Thanksgiving turkey out of a tissue box and toilet tissue tube! With this turkey tissue box from Education.com, the kiddies will love to make and name their very own turkey that can serve as a centerpiece for the kids' Thanksgiving table.

Turkey Tissue Box craft


Cube-shaped tissue box
Toilet tissue tube
Construction paper
Small square of felt
Craft knife (adults only!)
Craft sticks
Dried or artificial flowers


1. Cover a tissue box and a toilet tissue tube with brown construction paper and tape or glue into place. Cut out the hole in the tissue box where tissues normally pop out.

2. Turn the box, so the opening is on top. Tape the tube onto one side of the box with the tube extending above the top edge of the box for the turkey's neck and head.

3. Cut out the eyes, and a wattle from construction paper. Fold the square of felt in half. Glue all the features into place.

4. Cut out feathers from colored construction paper and tape each feather onto a craft stick. Away from your child, use a craft knife to cut slits into the side of the box, opposite the head. Then, with your child's help, place the craft stick feathers into the slits to form a colorful tail.

5. Place dried (or artificial) flowers into the hole in the tissue box-body. Put your creation on the table and you've got a great centerpiece for Thanksgiving!