Fall Leaf Prints Tote Bag

Oct 13, 2009 at 4:07 p.m. ET

Cindy Hopper at SkipToMyLou.org takes some elements of the Fall season and combines them with a bright craft for holiday time. This leaf print craft gets your creative side going and can prove to be quite useful if you make a bag out of the craft. Collecting leaves, painting, and enjoying time with your little ones are just some of the exciting perks of this Thanksgiving craft.

Fall Leaf Prints Tote Bag craft


Acrylic paint in bottles
Wax paper
Brayer (You could also use a cup or bottle with smooth sides as your "roller")
Canvas bag


1. Paint the back of the leaf. Check and make sure the leaf is painted to the edges and smooth out any globs of paint. You don't want too much paint, just a nice even coat. The amount of paint varies also by what you are printing on---the fabric took a bit more paint than the paper.

2. Place leaf paint side down on what you want to print. We printed a canvas bag we had and a kitchen towel (not pictured).

3. Cover leaf with a piece of wax paper. Hold the wax paper down over the leaf (to keep the leaf from flying around) while you use the brayer to smooth out the leaf. Press hard. We had good luck using our fingers to press the leaf onto the surface also.

4. Remove your leaf and you have a beautiful print. After a few tries you will get the hang of how much paint to use

5. If you are printing on fabric iron after the paint dries (with a press cloth) to set the paint.