5 Summer birthday party pitfalls to avoid

Summer birthday parties can be just as great as ones that fall during the height of the party season if you avoid five common summer birthday party pitfalls.

Girl and family wearing party hats

Everyone looks forward to the lazy days of summer that include lounging by the pool, running around with the neighborhood kids and enjoying vacations. It’s enough to put a swagger in the step of any child, except for possibly those that have a summer birthday. Summer birthday parties mean a lottery if the child’s friends will be able to come, back up plans in the chance of rain and a menu that includes food that can tolerate higher temperatures.

A sparse guest list

If your child always wished more of their play and classmates could attend their summer birthday party, consider having two smaller celebrations. Plan one fête at the end of the school year for the child to be able to invite their friends and plan another one around their actual birthday. Their second party could be limited to just immediate family and a home cooked meal.


Rain in the forecast

During the summer months, rain and thunderstorms can come out of nowhere. Plan activities that can easily transition from outside to inside, like scavenger hunts (head to the basement) and crafts (move the cars and put the tables in the garage). A simple list of classic games that can be done inside will go a long way to not worrying about the rain.

Play safe

If you are planning for your child’s summer birthday to be outside, be sure to play it safe by ensuring there is a gate around your pool fence, any machinery or equipment is put away, and that Fido is content to stay in his own area for the duration of the party. Since summer usually involves the hot sun, make sure you have plenty of liquids and ice, as well as sunscreen and hand sanitizer for quick clean ups. Consider a mini bottle of sunscreen or sanitizer as an easy and practical party favor. With more activity typically associated with outdoor parties, be sure to enlist extra supervision to ensure everyone has a grand time while staying safe.


The summer party menu

When planning the menu for a summer birthday party, remember that simple is better. Serve up traditional favorites like BBQ hamburgers or hot dogs, chips or crackers, fruit, punch and a vegetable platter. Be very careful with foods sensitive to higher temperatures such as mayonnaise, cheese and ice cream. These foods left out in the heat too long can cause tummy aches, as well as a cleaning disaster!


Keep it casual

Save your fine china for the holidays and find some fun, colorful and sturdy plastic ware for serving up the summer party fare! Colorful dishes help to create a festive mood, and leave you with a quick clean up job that most guests even participate in. Make sure you are clear on your invitations that the party will be held outdoors so your guests dress accordingly and leave their Sunday best at home!


Summer can be the easiest and most enjoyable season to host birthday parties if you plan for these common summer party pitfalls.


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