Halloween activities for kids

Here are some fun activities to make Halloween a delight for all kids!

Two girls dressed up like witches

Dress Up

“A pretty princess wears a crown (form circle above head)

Bunny’s ears flop up and down (place hands above head and move up & down)

A beautiful ballerina dances to and fro(dance).

A funny clown laughs ‘Ho, ho, ho.’

Two green eyes shine from a cat (circle eyes)

A scary witch wears a pointy hat (form point with arms above head)

Jack-O-Lanterns shine so bright. (form circle with arms)

Happy children on Halloween night!”

Witch on Halloween

Tune: “Farmer in the Dell”

“The witch on Halloween, the witch on Halloween, Heigh ho, let’s trick or treat, the witch on Halloween. Second verse: The witch chooses a goblin. Third verse: the goblin chooses a bat. Fourth
verse: the bat chooses a cat. Fifth verse: the cat chooses a ghost. Sixth verse: the ghosts says, “Boo!” Seventh verse: they all screech and scream.”

Hooky Spooky

Tune: “Hokey Pokey”

“Put your right arm in, put your right arm out, Put your right arm in and shake it all about Do the Hooky Spooky and everybody shout ‘That’s what it’s all about! BOO!’ ”


“Jack-o-lantern, jack-o-lantern, you are such a funny sight (form circle with fingers), as you sit there by the window, looking out at the night. (make square with fingers and point to eyes) You
were once a sturdy pumpkin growing on a vine (move finger like following vine, now you are a jack-o-lantern, see the light shine (form circle with fingers of one hand, place finger of other hand in
center of circle).”

I Made A Jack-O-Lantern

“I made a jack-o-lantern for Halloween night (form circle). He has 3 crooked teeth but he wont bite (point to teeth and shake head) He has 2 round eyes but cannot see (circle eyes) He’s a jolly
jack-o-lantern as happy as can be.”

Halloween walk

Form line on one side of room. Cross room in following ways: 1). Fly like a bat; 2) gallop like a cowboy on a horse; 3) hop like a bunny; 4) roll like a pumpkin; 5) dance like a princess; 6) creep
like a cat; 7) walk like a skeleton; 8) float like a ghost; 9) stomp like a monster.

Halloween songs

Deck the Patch

“Deck the patch with orange and black

Fa La La La La La La La La

Take along your goody sack

Fa La La La La La La La La

Don we now our gay apparel

Fa La La La La La La La La

Toll the Ancient Pumpkin Carol

Fa La La La La La La La La.”

O Pumpkin Cards:

“O Pumpkin cards! O Pumpkin cards! Carry greetings to my friends. Let them know the day is here when Great Pumpkin will appear. O Pumpkin cards! O Pumpkin cards! Carry greetings to my friends.”

Great Pumpkin Is Coming to Town

“You better not shriek, you better not groan, you better not howl, you better not moan — Great Pumpkin is comin’ to town! He’s going to find out, from folks that he meets, who deserves tricks and
who deserves treats — Great Pumpkin is comin’ to town! He’ll search in every pumpkin patch, haunted houses far and near, to see if you’ve been spreading gloom or bringing lots of cheer. So you
better not shriek, you better not groan, you better not howl, you better not moan — Great Pumpkin is comin’ to town!”

Three Little Witches…

(Use fingers for numbers)

“One little, Two little, Three little witches,

Fly over haystacks, fly over ditches,

Sliding down moonbeams without any hitches, three little witches fly.”

Hay Ho Halloween’s Here

Tune — “The Farmer In The Dell”

“Halloween is Here…

Oh, Halloween is here,

Oh, Halloween is here,

With costumes on we’ll walk around,

We’ll knock on doors all over town,

When Halloween is here.”

Sing A Song Of Halloween…

Tune — “Sing a Song of Sixpence”

“Sing a song of Halloween,

What a scary night,

Ghosts and bats and big black cats,

Give us all a fright.

Shining jolly Jack-O-Lanterns

Fill our hearts with fun,

But if the black witch comes along,

We’ll all run!”

Halloween Night

Tune — “Frere Jacques”

“Jack-o-lanterns, jack-o-lanterns,

Hall-o-ween, Hall-o-ween!

See the owls gliding,

Coal black cats are hiding,

Ghosts go ‘Boo,’ ghosts go ‘Boo!'”

Haunted House

Tune — “Pop Goes The Weasel”

“All around the haunted house,

The bat chased the goblin.

The ghost floated overhead.

Scat! went the black cat.”

Halloween Visitors

Tune — “Row Your Boat”

“Dancers, pirates, queens and clowns

Are knocking at the door.

It’s only trick-or-treaters

Who want candy from the store.”

Five Little Goblins on a Halloween Night

“Five Little Goblins on a Halloween night

Made a very, very spooky sight

The first one danced on his tippy-tip-toes

The next one tumbled and bumped his nose

The next one jumped high up in the air

The next one sang a Halloween song.

Five goblins played the whole night long.”

Five Little Pumpkins

(Hold up fingers for pumpkins)

“Five little pumpkins,

Sitting on a gate.

The first one said ‘Oh my! It’s getting late.’

The second one said ‘There are witches in the air.’

The third one said ‘But we don’t care.’

The fourth one said ‘Let’s run and run and run.’

The fifth one said ‘It’s Halloween fun.’

Oooooooo went the wind,

And out went the lights.

(clap hands to the word ‘out’)

And the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight.”

(roll arms)

Pumpkin, Pumpkin

“Pumpkin, Pumpkin

Sitting on a wall;

(have a child sit down)

Pumpkin, Pumpkin

Tip and Fall;

(have child tip over)

Pumpkin, Pumpkin

Rolling down the street;

(child rolls on floor)

Pumpkin, Pumpkin

Trick or Treat!”

The Floppy Scarecrow

“The floppy, floppy scarecrow

Guards his fields all day.

He waves his floppy, floppy hands

To scare the crows away!”

Repeat poem, replace italic type with arms, toes, head, legs, etc.


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