Halloween Tie-Dye Shirt

Festive t-shirts are always in order and this one can be created with a few cans of paint and some creativity. Coming to us from SimplySpray.com, kids ages 3 and up can enjoy making and wearing these tie dye shirts to get them in the holiday spirit. No two shirts will look alike and this craft can be completed over and over again for fun.


T-Shirt, preferably 100% cotton, prewashed and dried to minimize fading

1 can Simply Spray Black Soft Fabric Paint

1 can Simply Spray Brite Orange Soft Fabric Paint

Newspaper or craft paper

Paper towels


Step 1

Lay T-Shirt flat on newspaper (in warm weather climate, project can be done on grass). Pinch the center of the shirt with your thumb and forefinger. Twist your wrist clock wise and gather shirt in
a big circle as your twist.

Step 2

Hold can approx. 6-8″away from project. To minimize splatter, in one motion, begin spraying onto a paper towel in hand, then move onto the project – start by spraying the center of the shirt
in a small circle with the Black Soft Fabric Paint. (To enhance color, move can closer. To lighten coverage move further away.)

Step 3

Then border the small center Black circle with Brite Orange circle allowing the colors to touch and blend. Then move further outside the first two circles. And Border the outside of the Brite
Orange circle with Black also allowing colors to touch and blend. Repeat pattern of bordering and alternating colors until exposed t-shirt area is covered.

Step 4

Lay shirt flat again. Pinch in center as before. This time twist counter-clockwise guiding shirt into a circle.

Step 5

Spray the center in a small circle of Brite Orange. Border the Brite Orange with Black, then border the Black with Brite Orange. Allow colors to touch and blend. Continue pattern of twisting and
spraying until your reach desired look. The more you twist and spray the more unique your shirt becomes! Note: Alternating colors in the center and twisting in opposite directions makes a spiral
effect. Blending colors creates a brighter look.

Step 6

Lay flat to dry. Wait 72 hours before washing. Turn inside out when washing and do not use fabric softener.


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