I’ve-Got-My-Eye-On-You Halloween centerpiece craft

Your kids can create a watchful eye for the big Halloween party with iParty.com’s colorful and fun character. This Halloween centerpiece use some common items that can make a party even more festive and exciting — and it will certainly get the kids talking! Here’s how to make this Halloween craft!

I've-Got-My-Eye-On-You Halloween centerpiece craftYou will need:

  • (10) 5″ latex balloons (orange & black)
  • Black take-out container
  • Stick-on eyeballs
  • Black eyeglasses
  • 2 large eyeballs
  • Cool glue gun

What you do:

Step 1

Partially air inflate the 5″ latex balloons. They should be various sizes. (see photo)

Step 2

Starting with the larger balloons, cool glue them to the take out container. Glue the smaller ones onto the larger ones.

Step 3

Cool glue the eyeglasses onto the balloons.

Step 4

Glue the large eyeballs onto the balloon as shown.

Step 5

Apply the sticky eyeballs to the takeout container.

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