Flying Bats Halloween craft

Coming to us directly from the experts, flying bats are a great way to accent little corners of your home for Halloween. Matt and Shari ( show us how to make bats and tell us to even hang them from chandeliers or fans to give an extra spooky feel to your house.

Flying batsYou will need:

  • Black craft foam
  • Paper for templates
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Scissors
  • Silver craft wire
  • Glass container
  • Craft stones
  • Tape

What you do:

Step 1

Start by filling your container with the craft pebbles. These are meant to hold the wired bats in place. You can use solid colored fish tank stones, try layering orange and black, the sky’s the limit!

Step 2

Trace around your bat templates onto the foam with a mechanical pencil. I find that the sharp point of a mechanical pencil works best on the foam. Notice in the finished photo that I used three different size bat templates. I changed the sizes using a copy machine.

Step 3

Use your sharp craft scissors to cut the bats out of the foam.

Step 4

Find objects around the house to bend the craft wire around. This is to simulate the bats flight path. I used markers for tight spins and glasses for wide turns!

Step 5

I simply taped the bats to the tops of the wires and made sure the front was always facing toward the room. You could make double the number of bats and glue the wire sandwiched in between two layers of bat.


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