Halloween Trick-or-Treaters craft

Trick-or-treat; smell my feet; give me something good to eat! In this craft, provided by ZiggityZoom.com, you’ll get in the mood to go from door to door and collect some yummy Halloween treats. These mini cardboard kiddies are just perfect for the 4-7 age group, and can easily be put on display on a shelf, the table or your mantel.


Paper towel or toilet paper rolls

Paper towels

Masking tape


Paint and brush

Tacky fabric/paper glue

Scraps of felt or foam


Step 1

If making a group of Trick or Treaters, first cut the rolls into lengths between 4 1/2 in. and 3 1/2 in., so that you have varying sizes/heights. Cutting parts should be done by an adult.

Step 2

Cut into the neck opening of each roll and make 1 in. cuts (slices) toward the center of the roll. These cuts should be about half an inch apart.

Step 3

Next, fold a full-size paper towel in half and then tear in half. Roll one of these halves into a ball and then place it in the center of the other towel half. Pull all ends together around the ball so that it now looks like a head and neck. Squeezing the neck together, tape securely with masking tape.

Step 4

Stand the paper roll on end and press the slit ends together slightly. Insert the paper towel “neck” into the opening and then press the “shoulder” area closed, while taping tightly with masking tape.

Step 5

If making a witch, use masking tape to craft a nose. You can also make ears this way if you want.

Step 6

Decide what character you or your child want to make and what colors you will use. Paint all heads first and let dry thoroughly. Then paint all body sections.

Step 7

Cut felt or foam ears, hats, etc. and glue in place, letting dry thoroughly before handling.

Step 8

To make eyes, you can dip the end of a pencil tip or small paintbrush end into a dab of paint. First make white dots and let dry. Make smaller black dots with a toothpick or pinhead.

Step 9

Accessorize as desired. You can also add twig arms or pipecleaner arms and add little trick & treat containers.


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