Delicious and simple, this treat is a perfect Halloween dessert.


Chocolate fudge sauce

1 9-inch graham cracker piecrust

2 pints orange sherbet

Wax paper


1. Spread the chocolate fudge sauce over the pie crust. Smooth with the back of a spoon. Let it sit in the freezer to harden.

2. Use fudge sauce to draw triangle eyes and a spooky smile onto the wax paper. Make extra so that you will more if the first one breaks. Straighten the edges with a paper towel. Place on a flat
surface in the freezer.

3. After the items in the freezer begin to harden, remove the sherbet from the freezer and let it begin to slightly thaw. Once the chocolate has hardened and the sherbet has softened, spoon sherbet
into the piecrust. Note: You will not use all of the sherbet.

4. Smooth the top with a spoon. Carefully peel eyes and mouth from the wax paper. Add fudge eyes and smile. Return to the freezer until time to serve. Alternatively, you can make spiders on the wax
paper for a creepy treat.


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