Frozen Jack-O-Lanterns

This ingenious recipe makes chocolatey jack-o-lanterns not from pumpkins but from oranges!


24 navel oranges

1 gallon dark chocolate or fudge ice cream

24 whole cinnamon sticks


1. Cut off the tops of the oranges. Gently hollow out the pulp, leaving a thick shell. Hollow pulp out of cut-off tops too.

2. Cut a jack-o-lantern face into each orange. Pack scoops of ice cream into shells (try to avoid letting ice cream ooze out of eyes or mouth). Cut a small hole in the top of each orange.

3. Set tops back on over the ice cream and insert a cinnamon-stick stem through the hole.

4. Place in the freezer for at least 3 hours or until serving time. I just used this recipe for a party and after some experimenting) found out it works best if you freeze the hollowed-out oranges
before filling them with ice cream. Otherwise, the ice cream begins to melt as soon as it is in the orange shell and can run out the holes that are cut in the face.


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