How to pick out a sexy Halloween costume

Go wild this Halloween and pick a sexy costume that will drive your lover wild and ensure that you have a great night.

Halloween is coming! If you are going out to a party you want to make sure that you have the proper dress. No one wants to show up at a party and be one of many Madonnas. You need to pick out something unique, fun, and most important something sexy. After all, in choosing the right costume you could easily carry the look into the bedroom at the end of the night.

The question now becomes, what kind of outfit is perfect for me?

find your fantasy

Well I can’t answer that completely, but I can give you a few tips to help you choose something that will work just fine. First thing you need to do is determine the kind of party you are going to (or having.) If the party is adult in nature and adult costumes are allowed you may want to be racier than if it’s a party that is more family oriented. However, in any case you can be slightly sexy and make your impression with a completely unique costume.

The most important thing is to plan in advance. Getting a last minute costume will certainly ensure that you end up looking like someone else. Start with a small list of possible choices and narrow it down from there. Even if you choose a traditional style of costume, having the extra time will allow you to put a sexy spin on it. For example, if you want to be an Army girl you could become Major Flirt or Seductress, with a form fitting green costume and a cute hat to match. Before you know it you will have the men at your feet following all of your orders!

Go online for ideas

Make sure to check on the Internet for some sexy shops offering the hottest costumes. I recently wrote about Electrique Boutique. When it comes to costumes they have some of the best I have seen for women of all sizes. Even if you choose not to buy one of their outfits you could easily get some good ideas for costumes that range from Goth Alice (Alice in Wonderland with a twist) to the Serving Wench or Pirate girl.

The sky is the limit for Halloween and the goal is to pick something that you never get to be at any other time of the year. Find your fantasy and become that this year for Halloween. The fun you have is guaranteed to make you want to explore the power of Halloween and your fantasies more often.


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