Super Scary Spider Cake

What’s better than a plain ol’ Halloween cake? A super-scary spider cake!

Spider web cupcake


Boxed white cake

Chocolate syrup

1 container prepared vanilla frosting

1 bag spider rings


Icing bag and decorating tips or zip-top bag


1. Make a white cake per box directions.

2. When cake is cool, ice with vanilla frosting.

3. Place the chocolate syrup in an icing bag and attach a fine decorating tip to the bag. Alternatively, cut the bottom corner off of a zip-top bag, leaving only a tiny hole. Pipe the syrup onto
the vanilla frosting, starting at the outer edge and going around the entire cake in circles, each one smaller than the last.  You will have circles of graduated sizes from the middle to the
outer edges of the cake.

4. Using a toothpick, make the web by placing your toothpick tip in middle and very gently pulling it to the edge. Do this every inch or so, all the way around the cake.

5. Place the entire bag of plastic spider rings on the web for a very creepy-crawly effect.


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