Goofy Spooks Halloween Cake

You don’t have to be a master chef to create a fun and festive Halloween cake that your kids will love. Try this easy recipe for success!

Halloween cake with worms


1 box chocolate cake mix (ingredients needed will vary per brand — usually eggs, oil and water)


Cinnamon red hots

Cherry Heads (or other round red candies) miniature marshmallows

Licorice vines; cut into two inch lengths

Miniature chocolate chips

Gum drops

Orange jellied candies

Large marshmallows



6 tbsp butter or margarine

3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

2-2/3 cups confectioner’s sugar, sifted

1 tsp vanilla

1/3 cup milk


1. Prepare cake as package directs. While cake is baking, prepare frosting and decorations (below).

2. Prepare frosting: Cream butter and vanilla in a small bowl with mixer and medium-low speed. Mix until completely creamed together. Alternating, add cocoa and confectioner’s sugar, beating at
medium speed until creamy. Add some of the milk with the remaining sugar and cocoa until you reach desired consistency. You will use all the cocoa and sugar, but may not use all the milk, depending
on your desired consistency. Set aside.

3. When cake is completely cooled, pour the frosting on top and spread evenly. Carefully place your critter decorations (below) on top of the frosting and press down gently to set. Get ready for
some happy faces!


The key here is to use your imagination. We have given you a few examples, but create whatever critters you like!


Using 5 gumdrops and two cinnamon hots per worm, line up the gumdrops, one in front of the other. Use a toothpick to create indentations in the leading gumdrop. Insert cinnamon hots for eyes.

Angry eyes

Place two large marshmallows next to each other, on end. Place a cinnamon hot in the center of each marshmallow for eyeball. Using two 2-inch long licorice vines, create angry eyebrows over the
cinnamon hots.

Spying eyes

Use miniature marshmallows for the eyes and miniature chocolate chips for the eyeballs. Use a toothpick to create a little hole in each marshmallow top, then insert the pointed side of the
chocolate chip into the marshmallow.

Creepy crawlies

Using a toothpick, poke three holes completely through the sides of an orange jellied candy. Insert licorice vines for legs, poking through the other side and pulling them through. Use toothpick to
create small holes in “head” and insert two miniature chocolate chips as eyes.

Goofy eyes

Stand two large marshmallows on end, top with cinnamon hots or raisins for eyeballs, in cross-eyed fashion.

Marshmallow spider

Place large marshmallow on it’s side. Use a toothpicks to poke three holes on each side of marshmallow to insert legs. Use licorice vines for legs, gently press into the holes. Use two miniature
chocolate chips for eyes.

Bug eyes

Stand two large marshmallows on end, top with Cherry Heads for eyeballs.


Using a pair of kitchen shears, cut a large marshmallow in half lengthwise. Cut triangular slits out of sides to create jawbone effect. Use toothpick to insert holes for eyes, use miniature
chocolate chips. Cut a small piece off of a licorice vine for straight mouth, and a tiny piece for nose. Use a miniature marshmallow for the neck.

Mummy in a coffin

Using a pair of kitchen shears, cut a large marshmallow in half lengthwise, but not completely. Unfold the marshmallow and lay it down, open side up to create the coffin. use a miniature
marshmallow for the head, and body. Cut up a miniature marshmallow for the arms and legs. Use small pieces of licorice vine for the mouth and eyes.


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