Tin can dracula

Recycle your old vegetable cans into this hauntingly fun Dracula can! Fill him with lollipops, holiday pencils, or individually wrapped candies.

Tin can draculaYou will need:

  • 1 vegetable can
  • 1 sheet each of red, black, purple, and glitter black felt
  • White felt scraps
  • Red felt scraps
  • 2 – 1″ pieces of skinny black chenille stem
  • 3″ piece of red glittery chenille stem
  • White craft glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pattern

What you do:

Note: You can use white craft glue for most of this project, however attaching the cape will most likely require the use of a hot glue gun.

  1. Inspect the opening of the vegetable can and be sure there aren’t any sharp edges. If there are, use a piece of sandpaper to wear them down. Remove label, wash and dry completely.
  2. Lay can on its side on the short end of the sheet of purple felt. Roll up to determine how much felt you will need, trim the end so that you have about an inch overlap at the top, bottom and around the perimeter as well. Glue the purple felt to the can, folding over the excess and gluing to the bottom and inside the lip of the can. Look for the seam, this will be the back of your Dracula.
  3. Using pattern, cut Dracula’s hair from glittery black felt. Position the felt so that the top of the curves are about 1″ from the mouth of the can. Glue in place and tuck remaining felt at the top into the inside of the can. Glue excess in place, trim wherever is needed.
  4. Use pattern to cut out the whites of the eyes as well as the red pupils, white fangs and purple nose.
  5. Using the photo as a guide, start by gluing eyebrows (black skinny chenille) on first, then glue on whites of eyes, then the red center circles. Glue the nose beneath the pointed end of the hair. Glue the fangs in place about ½” below the nose. Bend the red glittery chenille into a small curve for the smile, position above fangs, trim if needed. Glue mouth in place.
  6. Cut a sheet of black felt in half, long ways, so that you have 2 pieces that are approximately 8″ long. Repeat with the red felt, but trim the red felt about ½” on all sides so that it is slightly smaller than the black on all sides. You will need one of the red and one of the black pieces, save the others for another project.
  7. Plug in your hot glue gun to preheat it.
  8. Lay the red felt on your work surface. Lay the can down on top of the red felt, leaving about an inch overlap at the bottom of the can. Without gluing anything, wrap the sides of the red felt around both sides of the can. You will need enough to wrap almost all the way around the can, all you should be able to see through the felt is the nose and point of the hair, approximately ½” or so. Keep the can lying on the felt and use your hot glue gun to tack in place around the back of the can and halfway around the can (about where an ear would be). Fold the red portion of the cape outward, away from the can, like a collar. When you have it where you want it, glue the excess to the bottom of the can.
  9. Repeat the above process for the black piece of felt. However the black portion should be larger than the red.

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