A box-office blockbuster for a mother

As Entertainment Editor here at SheKnows.com, I have the pleasure of speaking to the most talented artists of our era on a weekly basis. The truth is that there is a celebrated individual with talent beyond any celebrity I’ve ever interviewed. She lies at the center of what set this entertainment aficionado off on his destined path.

My mother, Naomi Amos, is so much more than a maternal influence. She is an astounding pianist who has enthralled tens of thousands with her talent and vivacious passion for music and all things cultural. It is through her professional music work that I was first introduced to the world of the celebrated artist.

In the beginning, I was years away from interviewing Angelina Jolie. The joy of savoring a Wendy’s Frosty with violin maestro Itzhak Perlman was where it all began. This man had graced the cover of Newsweek and Time, yet here he sat in my living room as a normal person, with a family and the same issues that confront all people. I may have only been six years old, but the impact was intense. Itzhak was only the first of many who inspired my mother, and subsequently, this writer.

A shared passion

My mother and I shared a passion for a varied collective of artists and art. Watching her bliss arise from so many different corners of the entertainment spectrum is why my joy in all things entertainment knows no barriers. It is why I chose to make it my livelihood.

Whether it’s the passion of Pete Seeger, the grace of Mikael Barishnikov, the humor of Mel Brooks, the unparalleled gifts of Luciano Pavarotti or the universal power of film, all the entertainment business field training I required arose from my upbringing.As a classical piano phenom, my mom made major sacrifices to raise me and my sister, Lindy. If how each of us has grown into adults is any consolation, those sacrifices are worth their weight in gold. Lindy is an astounding actress with immeasurable talent in reaching audiences from Berlin to Brazil.Although mom is an artist, she probably did not want Lindy or me seeking a career in the arts. Enjoying from an early age the bliss of attending concerts, Broadway shows, Oscar-winning movies and the finest culture that society has offered in the last 2,000 years, how could she expect Lindy or Joel Amos to wind up anywhere else?From where I sit, whether it is Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio or even Jessica Simpson, my ease with artists of all walks of life arises from the gift that is my mother. To you, Mom, I simply say “thank you.” I have always said you would be one of the first names thanked when I accept my Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.The vote is in: This Mother’s Day, the real celebrity superstar for this entertainment guru is Naomi Amos.

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