Mother’s Day crafts for kids ages four to eight

For mommy’s little angels (four- to eight-year-olds), Mother’s Day can be a very exciting time to give even more love to the one they have spent so much time with. With a little help from Daddy or Grandma, the wee ones will love making these fun crafts for their number-one gal!

Bendaroos Bracelets

What mommy doesn’t like bracelets? Bendaroos are flexible building toys with a strong string base and non-stick wax. You can bend these sticks into many different shapes, giving anything you create a unique look. These brightly colored heart charm bracelets are just perfect for the spring and summer seasons!


What you need:
2 pink building sticks
2 green building sticks
6 yellow building sticks


1. Cut one yellow building stick into four pieces. Cut each of the remaining yellow building sticks into three pieces.
2. Fold a green building stick into a wide V. Roll both ends toward each other. Press to stick. Repeat with the other pink and green building sticks.
3. Curve four smaller pieces of yellow building stick into loops and press them against the hearts. Loop four longer yellow pieces through those loops and press them together to make circles.
4. Connect a green charm to a pink charm by making a circle link between them. Repeat with the other pair.
5. Make two links between the pairs of charms. Use the remaining yellow pieces to complete the chain.

Emerging Butterfly

Butterflies are perfect to remind Mommy of the little angels she gets to play with daily. Let your child’s imagination take flight with this cute little butterfly.


What you need:
Card stock or construction paper
Paint brush pens
Elmer’s Squeeze ‘N Brush Paint
Liquid glue
Pipe cleaners
Cardboard tube
Craft stick


1. Download and cut out a butterfly shape and decorate it with paint brush pens. Next, decorate the cardboard tube with Elmer’s Squeeze ‘N Brush Paint. Allow both to dry.
2. Use a paint brush pen to add details to the butterfly and cardboard tube. Allow both to dry.
3. Glue your craft stick and pipe cleaner antennae to the butterfly’s back.
4. Once the butterfly has dried, overlap the wings and insert butterfly into the decorated cocoon (cardboard tube).



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