Mother’s Day gift ideas for Grandma (from the kids)

This Mother’s Day, don’t forget about Grandma! While you’ve already given your mom the best gift she can possibly ask for (grandchildren, hello!), a special Mother’s Day gift from your little ones will make a lasting impression. Here, we offer a few simple things your kids can do to make this Mother’s Day super-special for your own mom.

Grandma and Grandkids

Get creative

Since your children are such a special part of her life, why not commemorate a special moment she and the kids have shared by framing a photo of it? For an extra-special treat, select a plain wood frame from a crafts store and let your children decorate it with buttons, fuzzy balls, ribbons, puffy paint, sequins or feathers.

Show off

Amanda Edwards, mom of a two-year-old girl and another on the way, suggests giving Grandma a “brag book” — a small photo album that she can tuck into her purse and pull out whenever she wants to show off pictures of her precious grandchildren. Be sure to stock the album with favorite pictures, but leave a few blank pages for her to fill in with her own faves.

Say it with sweets

Mom will love a plate of warm brownies or chocolate chip cookies (even if they are a little burnt or misshapen) once she finds out the little elves who made them are her very own grandchildren. Let the little ones help in the kitchen by giving them each an age-appropriate task. Have younger ones pour already measured and less messy ingredients (such as chocolate chips or nuts, so long as they are not allergic) into a large bowl. Older children can crack eggs or stir the batter. You can be in charge of putting the items into — and taking them out of — the oven.

Let her wear their love

Make a special necklace for Grandma with some unique beads from a specialty bead or hobby store. Select beads in Grandma’s favorite colors or with letters on them and spell out her grandchildren’s names to form the necklace. Be sure to supervise little ones and help them string the beads into a keepsake that she’ll cherish forever.

Story time

Encourage your children’s creativity by asking them to create a story about themselves and their grandma. Help them out by offering suggestions such as a setting (the park by Grandma’s house), an event (the time Grandma surprised them with a new puppy) and their feelings about Grandma (Ask them, “Why is she so special? “What is your favorite thing about Grandma?”). Then help them organize these components into what is sure to become Grandma’s new favorite book! Your children will have lots of fun coloring pictures to correspond with each of the book’s pages.

Creative cuddler

Choose a great photo of your children and have a photo blanket made for Grandma. Every time she wants to cuddle up, she’ll be reminded of her sweet grandchildren. Mom of two girls (ages 2-1/2 and 10 months) and co-owner of Huddle Furniture for Kids, Kelly Cobb had a photo blanket made as a gift for her own parents. “They loved it!” she says.


Remember that the most important part about Mother’s Day is making the mother (or grandmother) in your life feel appreciated and loved. Whatever homemade gift you decide to bestow upon Grandma, she will love it if it’s from the heart.


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