Five creative ways to surprise Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is such a special day for moms everywhere. So Dads, listen up: It’s important to let the ladies in your life know how much you appreciate all they do. Here we offer some creative ways to surprise your favorite moms this Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed

Mother’s Day surprise #1: Say “Ahhhh”

Katie Hudson, who works full time and is mom to a six-year-old girl and a three-year-old boy, sums up in just five words the best thing someone can do for a busy mom on Mother’s Day: “Send her to the spa!”

Mother’s Day surprise #2: Family picnic

Kelly Cobb, mom of two girls, ages two-and-a-half and 10 months, agrees that moms need a little extra tlc on Mother’s Day. She offers this suggestion for families in which Mom works, too: “On the Friday before Mother’s Day, have Dad take a few hours off from work, pick up the kids, and surprise Mom at work with a picnic lunch and flowers. Mom will love it, and everyone at work will love seeing her cute kids.”

Mother’s Day surprise #3: Breakfast in bed

For an indulgence that doesn’t come often for a busy mom, plan a day for her that begins with a laid-back breakfast in bed served by the kids (who can then join Mom in bed for some much-deserved lounging). Follow this up with an afternoon just for her — that she can spend at the spa or seeing a movie with some of her girlfriends. Dads can coordinate with other dads to meet at the park with the kids while the moms enjoy their ladies’ day out!

Mother’s Day surprise #4: List of love

Help your kids make a heartfelt card for their mom with a list of all the best things they love about Mom, such as her special heart-shaped pancakes, the way she fills the bath with bubbles, how she cuddles with them before bedtime — anything that Mom really goes out of her way to do but probably doesn’t receive much recognition for on a daily basis. Bonus: Hubbies, make your very own list of the special things your wife does for you that you may not have thanked her for recently, such as ironing your shirts, cleaning the house, the way she lights up when you come home.

Mother’s Day surprise #5: Dine and bathe time

It’s tough for parents to really enjoy their meals while they are supervising their children’s every bite. Plan a special dinner for Mom after the kids go to bed, or get a sitter for a few hours while you make dinner for her. Make her favorite meal, and don’t forget dessert. After dinner, pop a bottle of bubbly, run a hot bath for the two of you, and then offer her a much-needed back massage. This is sure to lead to some intimate time for the two of you. (See? Mother’s Day can be fun for the guys, too!)

While many women love diamonds and sparkle, what really melts our hearts are the sentimental and sincere gestures from our most cherished loved ones. Don’t feel like a worthy Mother’s Day gift has to come in a tiny velvet box. The mother of your children is sure to find a gift that comes from the heart much more valuable.


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