Celebrating Mother’s Day with the whole family

There is no one Mom would rather spend Mother’s Day with than her own precious family — no matter how big or small. This Mother’s Day, enjoy the day with all your loved ones while you celebrate Mom’s special day. Here are a few ways to get everyone in on the fun.

Family in Park

A day at the park

Pack an easy yet elegant picnic lunch. Load the car with a blanket, sand toys for the kids and a portable radio, and head to your local park. Set up a little relaxation station for Mom under a large, shady tree. Spread out the blanket, make the food accessible for one and all, and let Mom relax. The whole family can take turns going down the slide with the little ones or throwing the football around. Lots of parks have way more than just a playground and sand, however; research your area for a park with a working train the kids can ride, amusement rides or bumper boats.

Take in a little culture

Adults and kids alike can enjoy a museum. Most big cities have cultural venues targeted to children. Check your city for a science, children’s or art museum that has a kid-friendly exhibit. Or, take the whole family to a puppet theater or a children’s production of a play.

Pottery, please

Pottery painting is fun for children and adults. If you are planning to give painted pottery as a gift on Mother’s Day, remember that it needs to be done at least a few days in advance, because most places need time to fire and glaze the pottery before you can pick it up. But Mom will love going to the store with the whole family and watching her little ones create special pieces just for her! Pottery places have great ideas for seasonal and holiday gifts, so be sure to tell them you are making a Mother’s Day gift.

Let’s do lunch

Amanda Edwards, mom of a two-year-old girl with another on the way, suggests having the whole family meet for lunch at Mom’s favorite restaurant (so long as it’s family-friendly!). Many fine resorts offer delicious specialty brunch menus and special buffets on Mother’s Day as well.

Enjoy the outdoors

Take the whole family to your local zoo, botanical garden or nearby mountain preserve for a walk or hike. Spending time together while enjoying fresh air and the environment is bound to put everyone in a good mood. Be sure to pack lots of water, especially if you live in a hot, dry region.

Get in on the action

Christine Southerland, who is expecting her first child in October, suggests a family day filled with fun and adventure: “Take Mom on a scavenger hunt around her favorite places, have a mini-golf tournament, or create your own spin-off of the Olympics with lots of fun games.” This action-packed day is perfect for Moms with older children who will enjoy the friendly competitive edge of the day’s activities.


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