Budget-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas

With the current status of the economy, we are all tightening our belts a bit these days. But that doesn’t mean that Mother’s Day gifting has to fall by the wayside! Mothers still deserve to be showered with tokens of affection on Mother’s Day. The good news is, most moms would rather have a sentimental gift than an expensive one, anyway. So look deep into your hearts this Mother’s Day, not your wallets! Here, we offer some great gifts for the budget-conscious.

Mom and Daughter

Forget flower delivery

While flowers are beautiful, they don’t last very long, and delivery fees keep climbing. Even if you purchase a modest bouquet, you’ll likely still spend a small fortune having them brought to Mom’s door. If the mom in your life really loves buds, select a bouquet of your own from a small, family-owned flower shop or farmers’ market. Better yet, buy her flower seeds so she can plant her own, or a flowering houseplant that won’t die off a week after Mother’s Day.

Put it in writing

A sentimental card is one of a mom’s favorite things. Give your children crayons, markers, construction paper, pre-cut shapes (such as hearts and flowers) and double-stick tape, and let them make their own cards this year. Bonus points if Dad makes one, as well.

Art by her favorite Picasso

Jessica Stone, mom to a six-year-old daughter and three-year-old son, suggests giving Mom a piece of artwork that she can cherish forever — one that her own child made. Dads, commission your children to make drawings of themselves with their mom and then frame the masterpiece for Mom to enjoy forever.

Say “Cheese”

Have your children’s pictures professionally taken at a department store and then frame them for Mom. Dress your children in coordinating or matching outfits, or get silly and let them wear their favorite outfits (like a cowboy hat and rain boots).

Coupon clipper

Play on the idea of saving money by making a special coupon book. This gift can work for your mom, your wife and even your mom friends. Make the coupons appropriate for the recipient. For example, have the kids make coupons for “one free hug with no time limit” or “one free chore without complaint.” Husbands can give wives coupons that say “one free back massage” or “I’ll make dinner tonight.” Friends will love getting coupons good for “happy hour on me” or “venting session at my place.”

Send a subscription

Though most moms are super-busy, most can find a few minutes in the day to unwind by flipping through the pages of a favorite magazine. A subscription to a women- or mom-focused magazine is an inexpensive and thoughtful gift that keeps giving all year long. Every time the mom in your life receives her favorite magazine in the mail, she’ill think of you and smile!


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