Easter activities and games for kids

Don’t limit your Easter morning to a traditional egg hunt. To jazz up your celebration, supplement your typical Easter routine with these fun activities for all ages.

Compete for a bunny prize

Bunny cup craft

Easter just isn’t Easter without some good old-fashioned competition. Provide your kids with the supplies to make this bunny cup craft, but set out additional paint, glitter, puff balls and other decorative items. Once your kids are done making the craft, instruct them to decorate each bunny cup to their heart’s content, and then have them vote on a favorite to take home a small prize.

Build acorn birds’ nests

Acorns are nature’s gift for craft lovers, obviously. You and the kids can build adorable acorn birds’ nests with just a few supplies that you likely have on hand, and these sweet little nests are cute enough to adorn your home year-round. A couple of options are available to you:

  • Stuff a tiny acorn top with painted soybeans for an itty-bitty nest that will make your guests squeal with delight, or
  • Paint the acorns themselves and place them inside a purchased bird’s nest for a slightly larger version of the same craft idea.
Image credit: Our Day Our Journey

Image credit: Our Day Our Journey

Easter cookie buffet

Make one to two dozen sugar cookies and set up an Easter decorating area with frosting, sprinkles and other toppings. If you’re really on top of it, the decorating station can quickly and easily turn into a cookie buffet when it comes time to serve dessert after your Easter brunch.

Egg pass relays

Egg pass relays

Photo credit: West Coast Surfer / Getty images

Surely you didn’t think all those Easter eggs were for eating, right? Divide into teams and give each team a hard-boiled egg and a spoon. The relay teams form a line, and the egg starts at the front of the line. Team members pass the egg from spoon to spoon to the end of the line and back. If the egg drops, the team has to start over. The team who passes the egg the fastest without breaking it wins. Bonus points if you try it with an uncooked egg.

Make your own felt squirrels

felt squirrels

Look around this spring, and you’re bound to see a ton of crazed baby squirrels darting across lanes of traffic with little regard for life or limb. Celebrate these adorable little springtime critters by making felt squirrels as a family. You can even decorate a few acorns like Easter eggs for extra fun.

Bunny tag until exhaustion

Bunny tag

Photo credit: gradyreese / iStock / 360 / Getty images

Nothing says “it’s time to sit down and eat a delicious Easter scone” quite like a rousing game of bunny tag. The rules for bunny tag are the same as for normal tag, but everyone has to hop instead of run. Seriously, it’s totally exhausting, and your abs will get an awesome workout as you hop around the backyard.

Sack hopping

Not tired of hopping yet? Divide into teams of two and give each team a sack or pillowcase. Team members have to put one leg in the sack and leave one leg out — three-legged race style — and hop to the designated finish line.


Keep the kids busy and having fun with Easter-themed apps and games from The Nut Job. Use the Easter background and border to create a nutty postcard, or add Easter eggs to photos using the Squirrel-O-Matic Photobomb.

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