Birthday party themes, recipes, tips and treats!

Birthday parties: Most people (kids, at least) have ’em every year. But that doesn’t mean they should always be the same! Here are some tips, recipes and other information to help you mix up the fun and to celebrate a new way each year.

Birthday party ideas and tips!

Birthday party themes

How to have a birthday party with a fireman theme
Educational birthday parties
How to hire a birthday party clown or magician
Magical Parties for Kids
Creating a fairytale tea party
How to have a birthday party with a Sesame Street theme
5-year old twin birthday party ideas: A bug birthday
How to have an old fashioned birthday party for kids
New twists on familiar birthday party themes
How to have a birthday party with a rock and roll theme

Birthday party food and cake

Foods in fashion: Cupcakes!
Baby’s First Cake recipe
Meringue Torte With Whipped Cream and Berries
Diabetic Birthday and Holiday Celebrations
Festive Party Punches
Colored Cookies recipe
Cake recipes at

Budget birthday party tips

Birthday clubs and birthday freebies
How to have a child’s birthday party on a budget
How can I save money on birthday gifts and parties?
How to make birthday party treat bags for $5

More birthday advice and ideas

Gift buying on the birthday party circuit
How to have a birthday party when your family doesn’t get along
Birthday party meltdowns
Birthday party etiquette
Birthday party games for preschool children
Building yearly memories – Creating a birthday scrapbook
Happy birthday to you (and you, and you): Strategies for celebrating times two or more


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